Aptilo Service Management Platform

State-of-the-art system to manage mobile data services

Aptilo SMP pre-integrated service management systemIf your wireless broadband network needs intelligence – we have it!

The Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) is an award-winning next-generation system. The system manage and deliver carrier-class mobile data services for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G/LTE networks including 3GPP mobile core integration supporting e.g. Wi-Fi offloading and 3GPP policy control. Our flexible platform facilitates easy and scalable service delivery, administration and monitoring. Smart and innovative functionality have been added since 2001 as a result from our more than 120 demanding carrier deployments worldwide. New “intelligence” and advanced logic can easily be added as configuration through the Aptilo ServiceGlue™ concept.

Pre-integrated functionality for fast-track deployments

The Aptilo SMP consist of a AAA / PCRF core surrounded by optional value-added subsystems (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Policy Charging and Rules Function). The 3GPP-compliant Aptilo PCRF+ core can co-exist with existing policy control servers (PCRF) – for instance as a policy control node for Wi-Fi in a mobile data offloading scenario – and is also available as a stand-alone PCRF application through the Aptilo SMP Policy & Charging™. The Aptilo AAA+ core include all adaptations needed for the specific radio access, for instance support for WiMAX specific attributes. In 3G/LTE the Aptilo AAA+ core can act as a 3GPP AAA for automatic authentication of users through the SIM credentials.This specific functionality is also available as an Aptilo SMP application – the Aptilo SMP SIM Authentication™.

Aptilo SMP is not like any other solution. It is a purpose-built carrier-grade system for control of billing, user services and access in wireless networks. Aptilo SMP features tight integration between policy and real-time charging functions from the start and boasts a multitude of value-added functionalities. That is why we call it Aptilo AAA+/PCRF+ core.

The optional subsystems that make up a complete back-end solution are carefully selected and include Subscriber Management,
Web Portals
, Statistics & Reporting, Access Controller and Prepaid & Charging.

Integrate with external systems of your choice

In addition to the important pre-integrated functionality for fast and reliable time-to-market, there is a fully flexible modularity and many native interfaces to integrate to external systems of choice instead of utilizing Aptilo’s optional subsystems. This integration can be done with minimal impact on existing systems.

Multi-Access Support

Aptilo SMP in the Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and WiMAX network

The Aptilo Service Management Platform is the crucial glue between the wireless network and the OSS / BSS systems.

Aptilo’s multi-access architecture provides a single, scalable platform to handle Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and WiMAX mobile broadband services.

Aptilo’s ever-growing list of ecosystem partners with proven interoperability gives operators the freedom to be vendor-agnostic and select the combination of different radio infrastructure and gateway vendors offering the best price/performance.