Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy & Charging

The policy solution you really need

Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy & Charging overview

The Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) is in essence where end-user services are defined, personalized and made chargeable. Policies are created to control the end-user experience, set a fair-use-policy and control the usage of over-the-top applications like Skype and Facebook.

Our policy manager, the Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy & Charging™, goes beyond the scope of a standard 3GPP PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) by adding three optional pre-integrated modules:

  • A prepaid data balance module
  • A policy-based IP assignment module
  • A policy-based routing (BGP) module

These optional modules are tightly integrated with the built-in standards compliant 3GPP PCRF of the Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy and Charging function. It gives you a full solution to solve your policy control challenges. Read our in-depth section for more technical details.

“Aptilo demonstrated a thorough understanding of our needs within the policy and IP management domains. Their innovative approach and flexibility will allow us to keep on delivering a multitude of data services effectively to our customer."   Jörgen Askeroth, CTO, 3 Scandinavia

Aptilo’s policy manager is powerful and flexible

Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy & Charging™ is built as an application on the award-winning Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP). Our new ALE architecture takes the scalability and availability issue out of the equation. It features linear scalability and high availability including geographic redundancy. The functionality is divided into three distinct layers: a management layer, a control layer and an execution layer. The different layers are distributed over several industry-standard hardware server nodes.

The control layer runs a number of protocol adapters that makes it easy to integrate with external systems. The existing adapters for Diameter, RADIUS, SOAP/XML, LDAP, BGP and SNMP cover most deployment scenarios. Even proprietary adapters can be added to the Aptilo policy manager as needed.

The policy decisions are made in the execution layer based on a rich set of in-data, from different provisioning systems and real-time information from different network nodes. For more information on how the Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy & Charging function facilitates insightful policy decisions, please read more about Aptilo’s 3GGP Policy & Charging solution.

Future proof by design

Because the Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy & Charging application is based on the Aptilo SMP architecture you can install multiple Aptilo SMP applications on the same platform. The mobile operator may, for instance, install the Aptilo SMP SIM Authentication™ on the same servers as the Aptilo SMP 3GPP Policy & Charging. With this the operator has a solution for “right-loading” with both the capability to offload 3G/4G users to Wi-Fi and the ability to optimize traffic in the 3G/4G network on the same scalable platform.

Have you already invested in a policy management solution?

Don’t worry, we can co-exist with your current systems. The PCRF is often envisioned as the central policy control node where all policies are defined and executed. However, in reality policy definitions reside in many different nodes in mobile core and OSS/BSS. Learn more about how we fit into a distributed policy model in our 3GGP Policy & Charging solution section.