Seamless Wi-Fi Offload White Paper

Whether or not you’re a true believer in Wi-Fi Offload ....
....we have a white paper for you!

Wi-Fi Offload White Paper WHY? and HOW?

Being the leading provider of mobile data offloading solutions we can certainly funnel our great perspective on Wi-Fi offload into writing some good white papers. However, in order to go beyond our own reference points and bring additional value to you as a reader, we have hired Claus Hetting – Senior Consultant & Analyst – to do the job for us.

The result is two white papers that will cover what you need to know no matter where you are in your thinking about carrier-class Wi-Fi and offloading. Claus has combined his extensive knowledge of the telecom sector with Aptilo’s experience garnered from numerous Wi-Fi offload customer deployments worldwide to create a white paper just for you. We hope that you will like the result!

Wi-Fi Offload white paper – WHY?

Seamless Wi-Fi Offload: A business opportunity today
Still in doubt about whether carrier-class Wi-Fi and offloading are right for you? Then this white paper is a must as it focuses more on the business opportunity of seamless Wi-Fi offload than the technology.

Wi-Fi Offload white paper – HOW?

Seamless Wi-Fi Offload: From vision to reality
Are you already convinced about the business opportunity in deploying carrier-class Wi-Fi and offloading? Then this white paper is perfect for you. It focuses on the different options for Wi-Fi offload today and the future developments and phases of offloading. Still do not miss our “WHY?” white paper since you can benchmark your own business case assumptions against ours.

The white papers will be sent immediately