Aptilo WiMAX AAA+ Server

Aptilo WiMAX AAA+ Server

Based on the Aptilo WiMAX AAA+ / Policy PCRF+ Core in the field-proven, feature-rich and highly scalable Aptilo Service Management Platform™, Aptilo’s fully NWG standards-compliant AAA server for WiMAX 802.16e-based networks provides a highly flexible and versatile AAA and policy management solution for WiMAX network services.

WiMAX-AAA+-ServerThis is not the ordinary generic Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) solution, but a purpose-built solid system for access control, user services control and billing control encompassing multiple authentication types and dynamic Quality of Service defined through service flow descriptors for users, devices and services. Furthermore, we have integrated WiMAX-specific policy control (PCRF) features together with our WiMAX AAA+ core.

The Aptilo WiMAX AAA+ Server includes important support for prepaid and hotlining based on the WiMAX Forum’s latest ratified NWG specifications.

Intelligent AAA Proxy functionality allows service providers to manage interaction with multiple external AAA servers and roaming partners.

Pick additional Aptilo WiMAX modules

Aptilo’s optional subsystems such as Web portals for hotlining and prepaid system can optionally and gradually be added to reach the same functionality level as the pre-integrated Aptilo Service Management Platform™.

Integration with third-party systems

Existing and third-party systems can easily be integrated through Aptilo’s native interfaces and APIs. Extensive testing has been conducted with WiMAX base station, ASN Gateway and Mobile IP Home Agent vendors to ensure smooth interoperability and hassle-free, vendor-independent customer implementations.