WiMAX / TD-LTE Service Management

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Aptilo's solution for WiMAX / LTE service management

Aptilo Networks is the global leader in pre-integrated service management solutions for control of billing, user services and access in wireless broadband networks.

Aptilo WiMAX service management solution

Aptilo is member of WiMAX ForumIn WiMAX, we are the glue between the radio network and the OSS/BSS back-end systems providing world-class real-time charging and service control to enable state-of the-art WiMAX services. Aptilo provides most of the important functionality needed in the WiMAX Connectivity Service Network (CSN) as defined by the WiMAX Forum. Aptilo is a member of the WiMAX Forum.

In order to deliver an end-to-end solution, the pre-integrated Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) also includes subscriber management with a built-in user database and portal functionality for WEB self-care and hotlining. Because the Aptilo SMP also supports LTE, operators using Aptilo’s WiMAX solution can easily migrate to or add LTE at a later date, preserving investments and positioning them for future growth.

Operators may also build their own solution with different third-party or Aptilo building blocks around our WiMAX AAA core.

Aptilo’s WiMAX solutions are delivered as system software running on industry standard servers or optionally as the cloud-based Aptilo Managed Service™  where a WiMAX operator can outsource the operation of the Aptilo platform and get up and running in just a few weeks. Service providers that buy licenses for in-house operation may apply a so-called ‘build-and-transfer’ project model, where the first phase of operation is run using the Aptilo Managed Service allowing the service provider to build up know-how in a controlled way.

Pre-integrated WiMAX CSN solution for fast-track deployments

The WiMAX  CSN typically consists of several different subsystems for functions like WiMAX AAA, DHCP, post- & prepaid billing, provisioning, customer portals, policy management, captive portals, customer care, service portals, mobility management and more. These subsystems frequently come from different vendors, which often leads to significant time and money spent by the operator in the procurement, integration and maintenance processes. This can have a negative impact on time-to-revenue and time-to-launch of the service.

Aptilo offers a unique and simple approach to overcome many of these challenges. We have pre-integrated most of the different subsystem’s functions into the award-winning Aptilo Service Management Platform currently supporting the latest ratified NWG release.


AAA+ / Policy PCRF+ Core

The Aptilo AAA+ Core and Aptilo Policy PCRF+ Core boasts support for the latest WiMAX Forum NWG AAA, policy control, prepaid and hotlining standards and is pre-integrated with Aptilo’s different optional sub-function modules. The Aptilo AAA+ / Policy PCRF+ core is the “brains” of the WiMAX service. It is in essence where services are defined and personalized, and policies enforced to control which users access the Internet, their service level (QoS) and billing. In addition to important pre-integrated functionality for fast and reliable time-to-market, there is a fully flexible modularity and many native interfaces and APIs to integrate to additional external functions of choice.

WiMAX Billing Control

Provisioning of post-paid data service policies, together with the dynamic account engine and session manager, provides ample flexibility for a multitude of service offerings. Charging Data Records (CDRs) are generated from RADIUS accounting messages for further processing by billing and mediation systems.

WiMAX Prepaid Billing

With the Aptilo Prepaid & Charging module and the Aptilo Web Portal module, Aptilo offers a holistic approach for deploying WiMAX prepaid services supporting a host of business models and charging mechanisms including credit cards, vouchers and Premium SMS. Optionally, the Aptilo AAA+ Core can be integrated with any existing prepaid systems.

WiMAX Captive Portal & Hotlining

The Aptilo AAA+ Core offers advanced WiMAX NWG standards-based functionality. The hotlining portal functionality that comes with the Aptilo Web Portal module allows for full freedom of customization and tailoring by the service provider to reflect their brand and service offerings. Optionally third-party portals can be integrated through Aptilo’s CCS API.

WiMAX WEB-Selfcare

With the Aptilo Web Portal module, users can manage their own accounts, view session history, make service selections and refill (top-up) their prepaid accounts.

WiMAX Provisioning
Effective provisioning of new WiMAX devices and users is one of the most important aspects of a profitable WiMAX service. The Aptilo WiMAX Provisioning module includes support for third-party OTA/OMA-DM systems and the WiMAX Forum Open Retail Initiative. It also provides an innovative solution for cost-effective provisioning utilizing Aptilo’s hierarchical account structure.

Wholesale Support

Wholesale service providers can supply multiple virtual service providers with their own online voucher generator for them to be able to sell Internet access to their customer base. With the rich reporting features in the Aptilo Service Portal™ it is then easy to create billing data for individual virtual service providers. With Aptilo’s Retailer Account Module the wholesale service provider can provide retailers with prepaid volume accounts.

WiMAX Operations Tools

The Aptilo Service Portal provides comprehensive statistics and reporting including records on sessions, payments and other events to facilitate a smooth operation of the WiMAX service. It offers tailored information to multiple groups of users, serving each user with the correct subset of information through a dedicated Venue Portal. Intelligent probes can be set to trigger alarms on specific events such as if a predefined minimum/maximum level of usage has been reached.

WiMAX Interoperability

Whether you go with our fast-track offering — the pre-integrated Aptilo Service Management Platform — or build your own solution with different building blocks around our WiMAX AAA core, few things speed up deployments more than choosing vendors with proven interoperability. Furthermore, WiMAX operators must be able to select the best-in-class equipment for each occasion, reduce risk and drive down costs by implementing a multi-vendor strategy. This is why Aptilo is driving interoperability testing with other vendors in the WiMAX ecosystem. We have confirmed interworking through customer projects and partner testing with the majority of WiMAX base station, ASN Gateway and Mobile IP Home Agent vendors including Airspan, Alvarion, Aricent, Cisco, Eion Wireless, Huawei, Intracom Telecom, Iskratel, Motorola, Purewave, Ruggedcom, Samsung, Tellabs and ZTE.

“With the flexibility to integrate with literally any ASN vendor of choice, Aptilo Networks has helped us aggressively expand our WiMAX service” Manuel E. Bonilla, CEO, WIND Telecom

We know this work is a crucial part of the fast-track equation and that there is a significant amount of money to be saved for operators that are deploying WiMAX services if they can choose from a variety of vendors that all work together from the very start.

Aptilo’s TD-LTE EPC solution for wireless broadband service providers

LTE easy migration from WiMAXAptilo’s holistic approach to service management with tight integration between policy and charging functions and pre-integrated subsystems for Subscriber Management, Web Portals, Statistics & Reporting and Prepaid & Charging has been very successful with our WiMAX customers. We expect the same type of requirements for the next phase of LTE deployments when wireless broadband service providers are adding services based on TD-LTE. With Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP), the service provider can run wireless broadband data services for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE from the same scalable platform.

Tight integration between policy and real-time charging functions

Wireless broadband service providers need to have the ability to change QoS dynamically in real-time and charge online on a per-application basis, to offer flexible service plans and increase the revenue potential with their services. This mandates close coupling and tighter integration between policy and charging functions. The Aptilo Service Management platform natively provides a tightly coupled, pre-integrated Policy PCRF+ core and prepaid system with a wide range of flexible, operator BSS/OSS-facing prepaid connectors that are used to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy high-revenue mobile data services. Because the Aptilo solution terminates both the Gx (policy) and Gy (prepaid) interface it can provide a dynamic intelligence to support operators’ real-life business requirements. One example of this is the Dynamic Bandwidth Throttling functionality where the user gets a “bucket” of data volume per e.g. month and the bandwidth then is automatically and gradually throttled down as the “bucket” is consumed. Aptilo’s ability to integrate with legacy prepaid systems (e.g. via SOAP/XML) and quickly adapt to an operator’s specific requirements enables new revenue streams by supporting a variety of business models.

AAA+ / Policy PCRF+ CoreAptilo’s LTE solution for mobile operators

Mobile operators often deploy LTE as a migration from 3G mobile broadband and will have most subsystems for prepaid etc. already in place. Those operators can benefit from the core part of Aptilo Service Management Platform as a stand-alone product – the Aptilo Policy & Charging Server™.