Airport Wi-Fi

Airport Wi-Fi

Aptilo cloud-based managed service for carrier-class Wi-Fi services

How to provide your own carrier-class airport Wi-Fi service

Taking control of the airport Wi-Fi service is not as huge an undertaking as it first seems. We have seen many successful examples of this among our customers such as Copenhagen Airport and the Swedish airports operated by Swedavia. They have simply outsourced the operation of the Wi-Fi services to us.

Aptilo’s airport Wi-Fi solution can be delivered either in the cloud with the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ or as server software for in-house operation –  the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP). Both offerings utilizes the same Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™ – for multitenancy captive portals, analytics and monetization – as our operator managed Guest Wi-Fi solution.

Our airport Wi-Fi solution has pre-enabled roaming interfaces to many international operators and roaming aggregators, and we can easily add new interfaces. This is a crucial functionality for airports with so many international visitors. Another important function is our wholesale support which makes it easy for airport to enable other stakeholders to offer services under their own brand.

Many Airports today are offering free Wi-Fi services, but they still need a service management system in order to control the user experience and adhere to legal intercept requirements. Aptilo’s support for self-registration via a captive portal and delivery of the password via an SMS facilitates traceability of the end-user in a very elegant way since the account will be tied to a mobile phone number.