Become your own Wi-Fi operator

Airport Wi-Fi Internet servicesWith the ever-increasing importance Internet connectivity has in people’s lives, the airport’s brand is dependent on delivering a excellent carrier-class Wi-Fi service.

In-house operation or outsource to a Wi-Fi service provider

For security and interference reasons there should only be one major Wi-Fi network at the airport. The easy way out for the airport is to allow a wireless Internet Service Provider (Wireless ISP) to run their own Wi-Fi service. However, with all the different stakeholders in an airport, the airport must make sure to cover a lot of things and demand certain functions in the contract with the wireless ISP such as:

  • Multi-language login pages
  • Fair roaming agreements with national and international providers
  • Different login pages based on location with special branding for stakeholders such as restaurants, cafes and airline lounges
  • Wholesale support to charge the different stakeholders
  • Possibility to integrate with different stakeholders’ systems and loyalty programs
  • Provide a separation of the network in a public and private side to facilitate use of the Wi-Fi network for airport staff
  • Enforce QoS policies in order to provide an optimized user experience for different users and user groups

These and other requirements must be able to dynamically change over the contract period and the service provider may have difficulties in delivering some of the requirements from a technical or commercial point of view. As a result using a wireless ISP at airports many times stays with offering a public Wi-Fi service, no more, no less.

The alternative is that the Airport operator takes own control over the Wi-Fi service in-house and becomes its own Wi-Fi operator in order to fully utilize the potential of Airport Wi-Fi.

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