Aptilo Access Controller

One software - two ways to deploy

The Aptilo Access Controller™ (AC) gateway is purpose-built for access control, usage monitoring and policy enforcement in Wi-Fi networks enabled by the Aptilo Service Management Platform™. The Aptilo AC dynamically handles user sessions, QoS and routing from the local network to the Internet and features true client plug-and-play functionality. For more technical details please go to our in-depth section.

An access controller for every need

The same Aptilo AC software can be installed on two different cerified standard hardware options:

  • A industry standard server (Std AC) handling 2.000 concurrent users
  • A eight server cluster (Macro AC)  – one load balancer, one backup node and six traffic taking nodes – with a totalcapacity of 12.000 concurrent users.

One Aptilo Access Controller Software, three deployments

It is recommended to deploy the Aptilo AC either as redundant pairs with one backup node or in a redundant cluster with one backup node serving several traffic nodes.

Depending on the business model and integration level, the Aptilo Access Controller can either be locally, regionally or centrally placed in the network, catering to several separate sites.

Although the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ is optimized for working hand-in-hand with the Aptilo Access Controller™ delivering true unique capabilities, it also has specific adaptations for all leading access point controllers from our Wi-Fi partners or dedicated third-party high-performance access gateways. The Aptilo AC can also be deployed behind existing third party access gateways to enable functionality that cannot otherwise be obtained, learn more about this type of hybrid deployments.