Aptilo SMP SIM Authentication

Secure seamless Wi-Fi authentication of mobile devices

Key to a successful mobile data offloading strategy is ease of use as well as a seamless user experience, which means that end-user interaction should be minimized while, at the same time, security is maximized. SIM-based authentication is a very powerful tool for achieving these goals. This is the method whereby mobile/cellular devices that utilize a SIM card use the same SIM card to authenticate the device for use in a Wi-Fi network.

Aptilo SMP SIM AuthenticationSIM authentication using existing mobile infrastructure

A mobile service provider can leverage the existing infrastructure for HLR/HSS by adding a dedicated EAP-SIM/AKA authentication function.

The Aptilo SMP SIM Authentication™ provides a means for authentication with the subscriber credentials contained in the SIM card. It provides EAP-SIM/AKA (SIM/USIM-based) authentication for Wi-Fi users based on the Information retrieved from the existing HSS over the Diameter Wx interface (supporting 3GPP Release 7 and onwards) or from the HLR over the SS7/MAP D’/Gr’ interface (supporting 3GPP Release 6).

By utilizing the Aptilo SMP SIM Authentication™, the existing mobile infrastructure can be reused independent of HLR/HSS vendor and regardless of system generation.

Wi-Fi as secure as the mobile network

One of the key benefits of using SIM authentication is that both the authentication process as well as the content must be encrypted in the Wi-Fi network. Hence, the Wi-Fi network becomes as secure as the mobile network, learn more technical details in our in-depth page.