Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud

Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud

Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud

Do you want our most-requested Guest Wi-Fi functions up and running in a matter of days? That work across multiple Wi-Fi vendors and sites? Welcome to Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ which is build on the award-winning Aptilo Venue Wi-Fi Manager.

A paradigm shift in Guest Wi-Fi services

There is a shift in how businesses look at Guest Wi-Fi services. Wi-Fi service control solutions used to be handled by the IT department. Now it has become a business tool.

A courtesy Guest Wi-Fi service used to be a cost center. Now it is a business asset:

  • Engage with customers in a more personalized way
  • Monetize from increased customer loyalty
  • Get customer insights from Wi-Fi analytics

It’s a new world.

Multi-Everything Guest Wi-Fi Cloud service

Multi-vendor support is not the same as supporting standard protocols. Not in our book. We have added specific adaptations to make sure you get the most out of the hardware from our Wi-Fi partners.

Multi-site and Multi-vendor Guest Wi-Fi cloud service

Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud is designed for large multi-site organizations. Your local sites, and even locations within the sites, are arranged in a hierarchy of Wi-Fi zones. This allows you to delegate parts of the administration of captive portals, analytics, user engagement and monetization to your local sites.

Captive portals – that anyone can update

The captive portal used to be a way to control user access. It still is. But, now the role has extended to become one of the best ways to engage with users before they get online. This is why we have designed our user interface so that anyone, even someone with zero knowledge of web design, can update the captive portal. You can also schedule portal updates to kick-in at a certain date and time. Learn more about the Captive Portal Manager.

Captive portal that anyone can edit

Customer insights through Wi-Fi Analytics

Our Wi-Fi analytics interface leverages the best of the latest web technologies to give the user an intuitive tool to work with. The layout is automatically adapted to the size of your screen.

Every user can create one or many Quickviews and Dashboards that show the information they are interested in. The predefined data that can be visualized include user demographics, user sessions, devices, login methods, usage and payments.

Modern user-friendly Wi-Fi Analytics

In Quickview you can add information displayed through a simple number or percentages. This provides an immediate view of important data such as the share of different device OS types, female/male visitors and the number of GB downloaded. More complex data, comparing several parameters or showing trends, are visualized in the Dashboards through graphical diagrams.

Based on a platform you can trust

There are many cloud-based Guest Wi-Fi services out there. One promising more creativity than the other. But, it is crucial that you get the functions you really need and that your Guest Wi-Fi service always works. Day after day, around the clock.

This is where Aptilo comes in.Aptilo SMP since 2001

The Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ is based on the award winning Aptilo Service Management Platform™. The Aptilo SMP is the world’s #1 Wi-Fi service control solution for large-scale deployments. Trusted since 2001 for its proven scalability, flexibility and stability, it has been deployed by more than 100 service providers. Many of these deployments are serving millions of users.

One of our first customers, Copenhagen Airport, has been served from our data centers since 2001. Only, back then it was not called a cloud service. Ever since, we have continued to add guest Wi-Fi features for our own and operators’ Fortune 500 customers.

The Guest Wi-Fi cloud  functions you need

The Aptilo SMP supports all the user flows, business models and integration points you can imagine. We have made the most wanted functions available in our cloud service.

User flows and monetization

Guest Wi-Fi Cloud user flows and monetization

Integrations and Passpoint™

Guest Wi-Fi cloud integrations and Passpoint

Authenticate users through Hospitality PMS or Loyalty databases. Use SAML to authenticate with directory services such as Microsoft AD. Onboard Hotspot 2.0 Passpoint certificates through online sign-up portal.

Create an engaging user experience

Empowered by the insights from analytics, you can craft personalized campaigns that build loyalty. Engage users through captive portals, SMS and e-mail. Catch users with messages relevant to them while they are on site. The alternative is the traditional e-mail campaign weeks later with single-digit conversion rates.

User engagement through portals, SMS, and e-mail powered by analytics

Who are you?

This is not a cloud service that you just sign-up for online. Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud is designed for multi-site businesses (20+) or larger deployments such as in shopping malls, smart cities and stadiums. Aptilo’s experts will guide you to a successful launch.

Need it more tailored?

Do you need tailored user flows with advanced integration to existing systems? Then buying or renting Aptilo SMP is right for you. Through the Aptilo Managed Service™ option, we can help manage the software in your data center or in ours.