Aptilo Managed Service

Cloud-based Wireless Service Management

Many organizations are competing to become more profitable by introducing innovative revenue-generating wireless data and voice services. Unfortunately these initiatives are often delayed, due to resource constraints.

Fast-track your deployment with Aptilo’s hosted, cloud-based service using the Aptilo Managed Service™. It operates from one of our many regional data centers located worldwide, or is handled remotely by Aptilo’s experts from servers at your own premises.

Aptilo Network Operations Center for cloud-based wirless service managementOrganizations can efficiently manage wireless operating expenses by outsourcing the operation of Aptilo’s platform on a monthly basis without the need for upfront investment in hardware, software or operation personnel. The Aptilo Managed Service is implemented in two easy steps:

  • Service setup – Service definition, SW installation, configuration and support / escalation processes
  • Service operation – Different service levels including 24/7/365 operation.

“Scandic Internet access gets high ratings in our customer surveys. Aptilo’s Managed Service has worked very well for us. We have had literally no service interruption since the start in 2004."  Pia Hofstedt, IT Director, Scandic

Aptilo offers flexibility between the Managed Service offering and in-house operation allowing customers to transfer the system with its settings in-house when appropriate. Learn more about our managed service offering in our in-depth section.