Aptilo Service Management Platform

Subscriber Management

Subscriber Management and SPR

The subscriber management application provides administration of user accounts either with the built-in database or through an external database. It features voucher management, end-user self provisioning and specific support for wholesale of services.


With the subscriber management you can:

  • View and manually create, modify and delete user accounts online
  • Generate multiple accounts and vouchers using naming conventions
  • Batch import and/or export multiple user accounts using CSV files
  • Flexibly search user data based on value, key or both using wildcards
  • Refund credit card transactions
  • Set e-mail notifications for users for account expiry

The Aptilo system supports authentication look-up from external sources based on Active Directory, LDAP, SOAP/XML, RSA SecurID, RADIUS and Diameter.

Hierachical Accounts - family accountsHierarchical accounts

The Aptilo hierarchical account structure allows a whole family to share the same main account while still having their individual accounts and even different sub-accounts for multiple devices.

The user of the main account can add and delete all accounts under the main account through the Aptilo Web self-care portal.

Prepaid funds can be consumed from an account higher up in the hierarchy. In this example all family members will have the same prepaid bucket in the main account, but the available quota can also be distributed to individual family members.

Furthermore, the hierarchical account structure supports in an elegant way the fact that family members may have multiple devices for which they want to share the same quota. There can also be different ratings applied for different sub-accounts.

Different login methods can be set on individual sub-accounts facilitating an automatic login process for devices – via e.g. MAC, TLS or EAP-SIM – while the user can login from any Internet connection with user-ID/Password for Web self-care.

The hierarchical account structure is very flexible. There are many applications for which hiearchical accounts are an ideal solution. Another example of this is how a service provider can handle multiple devices per subscriber.

Voucher Management

With the optional voucher management module, the service provider can create vouchers including access codes and serial numbers associated with a predefined account type in the Aptilo Service Management Platform.

Physical voucher cards are particularly useful e.g. to top up an existing prepaid account or during a service launch (promotion).

The voucher management module supports:

  • E-vouchers with one-time access codes.
  • Batch generation of vouchers including access codes and serial numbers, can be used for external physical voucher creation.
  • Import/export of voucher codes from/to other systems with csv-files.
  • Batch creation of multiple physical vouchers in PDF format.
  • Wholesale support, wholesale operator can virtually supply multiple service providers with their own voucher generator, allowing them to sell wireless access under their own brand.

Subscriber provisioning

The Aptilo Service Management Platform features optional modules for facilitating subscriber provisioning and wholesale of services through retailers.

End-user self provisioning

End-users can sign-up for service as well as view and edit certain parts of the account information e.g. view last payments and prior sessions online through the Web self-care portal.

Account activation

The optional account activation module allows the service provider to create inactive accounts for an existing customer base. In this instance the end customer will identify himself and activate the account by sending an SMS or by typing in a predefined username/password.

If the received credentials are correct the account will be activated and the service can be used.

When using SMS or username/password as the authentication mechanism, the mobile number is stored along with the account information, effectively providing unique information about the end-user for later validation if needed.

Volume accounts for wholesale

The wholesale service provider can create prepaid volume accounts that can be sold to retailers. The main idea is that instead of selling individual accounts to end-users, the wholesale service provider allows retailers such as hotels, airports and convention centers to create any type of account that is allowed in the settings of the retailer’s prepaid volume account. The retailer can then create and sell end-user accounts based on their own prepaid volume account and do top-up when the volume account is depleted.

Corporate accounts

Service providers can sell a complete public access service package to enterprises and corporate accounts. This service can also include a corporate Guest Internet Access service to enhance the service provider’s value proposition for the corporate customer.

The corporate customer’s administrator have full management access to a defined subset of the user accounts related to their specific corporate account.

Web self-care portal

Through the Web self-care portal the end-user can change passwords, view the latest transactions and sessions and top-up the existing account e.g. by paying through one of the many payment options available.

This feature greatly enhances the end-user experience and control of the service as well as relieving some of the work efforts normally provided by the service provider’s customer care staff.

If Aptilo’s hierarchical account structure is used, the main account holder can edit all sub-accounts belonging to the main account.