Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling

The 3GPP AAA Optimized for Wi-Fi Calling

According to standards, a 3GPP AAA server provides authentication of the device so that an IPSec tunnel can be established for the Wi-Fi Calling serviceThis is a critical function of a next-generation Wi-Fi Calling solution.

However, what we have learned from our experience enabling 3GPP Wi-Fi Access and integrating Wi-Fi data sessions with the mobile core, is that real-world deployments many times need innovative features in order to get the service to work smoothly with existing systems. Very few operators have the luxury to build a service from scratch. This is also the case with Wi-Fi Calling.

We have added these additional innovative functions to our 3GPP AAA, the Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling™, a Aptilo SMP application specially build for the next-generation Wi-Fi Calling use case:

  • Authentication for devices that do not support the EAP-SIM/AKA method (similar to what we do with Wi-Fi data services).
  • Authentication for Wi-Fi devices that don’t use SIM cards.
  • Lookup policies from exiting systems such as CRM.
  • Retrieve policies via Diameter Gx from the existing policy manager (PCRF)
  • Build Wi-Fi Calling policy based on the policy information retrieved from multiple sources.

Need a 3GPP AAA for controlling the user experience in your own or a partner’s Wi-Fi network?

No problem. There is an Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) application just for that, the Aptilo SMP 3GPP AAA+, which can be implemented on the same Aptilo SMP platform. It handles important functionality to control the user experience with vendor specific attributes e.g. for QoS as well as roaming and authentication with partner Wi-Fi networks.

Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling 3GPP AAAAptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling™ is more than a 3GPP AAA

The Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling application, implemented on Aptilo SMP, perform the standard EAP-AKA authentication just as any other standard 3GPP AAA would do for Wi-Fi Calling. In addition, it extends the standard with support for EAP-SIM/AKA authentication through the HLR via the D’ / Gr’ interface.

The Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling function can retrieve policies from multiple sources such as CRM systems, gateways and existing policy management systems (PCRF) and then form a Wi-Fi Calling policy decision based on the combination of this policy data.

A simple decision of whether to admit a user to the Wi-Fi Calling service or not may in practice demand input from several systems. The Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling function supports the distributed policy environment that has been built out over the years at many mobile operators.

What about devices that do not support SIM authentication? We believe that mobile operators will need to have Wi-Fi Calling support for all kinds of devices that do not support EAP-SIM/AKA authentication, even Wi-Fi-only devices. They can do this by deploying third-party clients in the device utilizing the unique capabilities for non-SIM support that are built-in to the Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling application.

Learn more about how the Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling features add value to the next-generation Wi-Fi Calling solution.