Carrier Wi-Fi

Carrier Wi-Fi

Aptilo Carrier Wi-Fi service management solutionWith more than 100 carrier Wi-Fi customers in 75 countries under our belt, we understand that building a carrier Wi-Fi service is a challenging task with a lot of considerations,

  • How to integrate carrier Wi-Fi with my existing OSS/BSS?
  • How to efficiently roll-out new sites?
  • How to make carrier Wi-Fi attractive to venue owners?
  • Which carrier Wi-Fi business models should I use?
  • Which carrier Wi-Fi radio vendor should I select?

This list of daunting tasks goes on and on and becomes even more complex in a mobile data offloading scenario, where integration with the mobile core is required. And then the biggest question of all, how can I get a good return on investment (ROI) for my carrier Wi-Fi deployment? Learn more about some of the Wi-Fi monetization possibilities.

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Why operators must go Wi-Fi

Understanding your carrier Wi-Fi needs and challenging your ideas

A successful launch of carrier Wi-Fi services requires an experienced partner that will understand your needs and challenge your ideas. We dare to say, no one knows more about carrier-class Wi-Fi services than we do. We’ve been implementing these services – and always carrier-class – for more than a decade. Many of our installations have been large scale roll-outs with tens of thousands of carrier Wi-Fi access points. We are ready to tackle any challenges of scalability and functionality that you have for us.

Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer TeliaSonera Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer TIM Brasil “Aptilo really understands carrier-class Wi-Fi. Their excellent track record with us and their position as the leading vendor in this space globally made it natural for us to select Aptilo for this deployment." Jörn Heggertveit, Product Manager, NextGenTel
Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Telenor Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Swisscom
Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer FarEasTone Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer eircom Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer TDC Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Nextgentel Aptilo'sd carrier-class Wi-Fi customer STC Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Batelco
Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Suddenlink Aptilo's Carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Oi Aptilo's Carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Chungwa Telecom Aptilo's Carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Telecom Malaysia Aptilo's Carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Maxis Aptilo's carrier-class Wi-Fi customer Du

All the best Wi-Fi functionalities are already integrated in the Aptilo solution

There is an increased interest for carrier-class Wi-Fi services. This has resulted in a high demand for good carrier Wi-Fi service management systems. These systems handle access control, different authentication methods, policy control and integration with existing OSS/BSS and mobile core for charging. As with any hot area there are many vendors going for this market, but building a good back-end system for carrier Wi-Fi services takes time. Over the years, we have carefully built the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) into a strong weave. Each thread represents one of the thousands of demanding requirements we have received from our carrier Wi-Fi customers.

Aptilo SMP gives you all the very best functionalities ready integrated into one scalable of-the-shelf product, while still retaining the ability to adapt it to your special needs, through the Aptilo ServiceGlue™ concept. The pre-integrated Aptilo Service Management Platform is simply a faster, safer and more cost-effective route to your Wi-Fi services. The Aptilo SMP is the core component of Aptilo’s carrier Wi-Fi service management and delivery solution. It works in concert with the Aptilo Access Controller™ (access control & policy enforcement) or third-party access gateways. Learn more about our solution for hotspot 2.0 based carrier Wi-Fi services, with its flexible modularity and many native interfaces for easy integration with your mobile core or OSS/BSS systems.Aptilo's Wi-Fi Offload white papers. WHY? Business case and overview. HOW? From vision to reality

We play nicely with all  Wi-Fi vendors

Aruba, Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia and Ruckus are just a few examples of our carrier Wi-Fi partners, all world-leading carrier Wi-Fi vendors. Our system has been adapted for and deployed with their products since 2001.

Leverage our experience of delivering Wi-Fi to other industries

Healthcare, hospitality, municipalities, airports and the enterprise sector. Our installations can be found in nearly every vertical you could think of. Tap into that experience when developing your own Wi-Fi offerings and making your service attractive to venue owners.


Planning for Wi-Fi Offload?

Offloading 3G/4G data traffic to Wi-Fi starts with building a carrier Wi-Fi service; something that has been our focus since we first opened our doors in 2001. Aptilo is one of the very few vendors in the market that can offer systems for building a carrier-class Wi-Fi service, performing SIM-authentication and integrate with mobile core / OSS / BSS for policy and charging. We make mobile data offloading a reality.

Going for Wi-Fi Calling?

You are not alone. Many mobile operators are looking at next-generation Wi-Fi Calling to reduce churn and improve indoor voice coverage. Learn more about Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling™, our 3GPP AAA optimized for the Wi-Fi calling use case.