Carrier Wi-Fi

Selling Wi-Fi services to other businesses (B2B)

Healthcare, hospitality, municipalities, airports and the enterprise sector. As a service provider you can tap into these business-to-business (B2B) opportunities when developing your own Wi-Fi offerings by making your services attractive to venue owners. With Aptilo you can tailor your service to the specific needs of different industry verticals making them Wi-Fi partners rather than Wi-Fi customers. Captive portal templates tailored to each industry vertical can be uploaded to the new Aptilo SMP Venue Manager™ (VWM) module so that B2B customers can administrate their own captive portals and view their own analytics. Operator-managed Guest Wi-Fi has never been easier.

Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) has proven support for different  B2B Wi-Fi services including:

  • Enterprise: Guest Internet access and support for the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) concept for employees.
  • Hospitality and Healthcare: Free guest Internet access and/or chargeable Wi-Fi services, often integrated with property management systems (PMS) so the end-user is charged through their hotel bill.
  • Municipality: Wi-Fi services with separation of public and private use.
  • Wi-Fi services at crowded public places such as stadiums and airports where support for roaming is particularly important.

B2B support crucial for Wi-Fi Site Acquisition

Why business-to-business (B2B) support is crucial for site acquisition in service provider Wi-Fi

Aptilo’s built-in B2B support has been proven crucial for many of our 90+ service provider Wi-Fi deployments. Why? Not only did our service provider customers gain additional revenue from these B2B Wi-Fi services, but they also got an excellent base for their Wi-Fi hotspot and indoor small cells site acquisition. Site acquisition is very different for Wi-Fi and small cells compared to macro 3G/4G networks. With macro 3G/4G, the mobile operator buys space for their base stations from property owners. With Wi-Fi and small cells, the service provider often has to sell Wi-Fi services to the venue owners. These locations may already have some kind of Wi-Fi service. This represents a huge business opportunity for service providers to replace the existing Wi-Fi with real carrier-class Wi-Fi services.

Providing venue owners with an additional SSID for your public Wi-Fi service instantly increases your Wi-Fi footprint. For mobile operators, this additional SSID can be 802.1x-based for SIM Authentication and automatic offloading of mobile data users to the Wi-Fi network.

The B2B support in Aptilo Service Management Platform is crucial for your service provider Wi-Fi project as it will help you with your site acquisition efforts and provide the necessary features and tools to offer and manage B2B services for additional revenue.

Making it easy to sell Wi-Fi services through partners

Selling Wi-Fi services through partners in the industry verticals requires unique features that have been developed in the Aptilo SMP over a long period of time, and proven in installations worldwide. With Aptilo’s volume accounts, the service provider can create prepaid volume accounts that can be sold to venue owners. Instead of selling individual end-user accounts through the venue owner, the service provider allows venue owners to create their own end-user accounts and top-up the volume account online. This makes it possible for venue owners to build their own business models.