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Carrier Wi-Fi monetization – Show me the money


Indirect Wi-Fi monetization

Acquiring a subscriber is costly – and losing one is even more expensive over time. Wi-Fi has become the last piece of the operator’s customer retention puzzle. Thus Carrier Wi-Fi deserve a new ROI calculation based on reduced churn. Learn more from Aptilo Networks and Tefficient in this recorded webinar with (Please give it time to load, the ON24 registration page is very slow)

In this webinar Tefficient unveils the results of a global analysis of 22 carriers in 7 markets, determining once and for all whether Wi-Fi has a real impact on customer retention.

Using Wi-Fi for offloading your cellular network is another form of indirect Wi-Fi monetization which comes from significantly reduced CAPEX. Bundling Wi-Fi services only with the higher tiers of subscriptions will also increase your ARPU.

Direct Wi-Fi monetization

In many parts of the world Wi-Fi services are considered to be free of charge. Direct Wi-Fi monetization can be a challenging task for service providers. Selling operator-managed guest Wi-Fi services to different verticals has proven to be a good source of revenue. Our 100+ service provider customers have done this form of direct Wi-Fi monetization since 2001. With the new Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™ (VWM), featuring multitenancy captive portal and analytics, monetization of B2B / B2B2C Wi-Fi services has become easier than ever before.

The demographics information that can be retrieved from integration with CRM systems or using social media login for the Wi-Fi service has a very high value for many venue owners such as shopping malls. In fact, some are prepared to pay more for the analytics than for the Wi-Fi service as such.

Some of our customers monetize their free Wi-Fi services by combining two pieces of information that they can retrieve from our system: insights about the location and the user demographics such as gender and age. With this Wi-Fi marketing they can engage users with relevant and very targeted advertising. The right user gets the right message at the right location and time.