Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service

IoT Connectivity Management

Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service™ (IoT CCS). Leave your Mobile Core untouched and create IoT connectivity services previously considered unthinkable.


The Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service™ (IoT CCS) works in concert with any present and future mobile core delivered as a service to mobile operators from Amazon AWS. It provides the scalability and flexibility necessary for operators to rapidly innovate in the IoT era. IoT CCS allows mobile operators to offer instant IoT service creation, with a service that lets business customers define their own granular connectivity and security policies – at a fraction of the cost.

Explore more about the IoT Connectivity challenges for mobile operators and how Aptilo CCS can help. Watch our recorded Webinar from February 5, 2020. No registration is required.

We’ve always felt that Aptilo IoT CCS is a groundbreaking service for Mobile Operators that want to keep what they have and create unprecedented customer value from the cloud. Still very proud to be finalists in this Light Reading Award for “Most Innovative IoT/M2M Strategy” !

  • Any Mobile Core

    Works with the existing mobile core as well as with the coming service-based 5G core (5GC) architecture.

  • Freedom to create

    Enables Creative IoT Connectivity Services adapted for each business customer.

  • Rapid deployments

    New services in days rather than months.

  • Flexible policies

    Specific policies per enterprise and/or device in a hierarchical manner.

  • Customer self-service

    Mobile operators can create customer web self-services.

  • Customer insight

    IoT customers can receive real-time and historical insights into IoT device connectivity.

  • IoT Security

    Policy enforcement, device traffic filtering, DDoS protection, detection of anomalies and more through Fortinet’s next generation firewalls.

  • Reduces APN hassle

    The Aptilo Multitenancy Virtual APN™ concept will save you grey hairs.

  • Global Connectivity

    Operators can add international mobile operator partners to their Aptilo IoT CCS service and we have a host of smart functionalities that support global IoT customers.

The Aptilo team on Aptilo IoT CCS™

Some members of the Aptilo team gives their view on IoT and the Aptilo IoT CCS service.

100+ service provider deployments

Based on our 20 years of experience from advanced policy and control requirements – often with  demanding mobile core integration to enable offloading and complex “ad hoc multi-user” Wi-Fi user scenarios – We are now providing our ground breaking IoT CCS service to mobile operators that want to innovate in the IoT era, today as well as in the future with the upcoming 5G core architecture.

Paul MikkelsenCEO, Aptilo Networks


IoT What the mobile core was made for

The cellular IoT connectivity challenges of today

Mobile operators have designed their mobile core for a handful of different subscription types, resulting in a few pre-defined policies.

However, IoT customers often need their own unique subscriptions. Subscriptions with complex, dynamic connectivity and security policies. Furthermore, IoT business customers want to sit in the driver’s seat and manage their own policies.

The ability to offer these kinds of instant, customized IoT connectivity services is therefor very challenging. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to achieve these kinds of services in the current mobile core. That was what one of our longstanding mobile operator customers told us.

That was the start of the Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service™, one of Aptilo’s IoT solutions.

Dedicated IoT mobile core or not?

To keep up with IoT customer’s demands, we have seen mobile operators building a dedicated mobile core just for IoT. But is this really necessary? Is it even enough?

Our first IoT CCS customer, a tier 1 mobile operator, stated that they couldn’t get the IoT connectivity management they needed even in a dedicated IoT mobile core. Especially in delivering flexible and cost-effective global IoT connectivity services to their customers. And, just think about the additional cost of duplicating mobile core nodes and to scale for capacity in two places.

Mobile operators can also deliver a simple “bit-pipe” like service from their existing mobile core. But where is the money in this? Where is the customer stickiness?


IoT connectivity management: Deployment of Apotilo Connectyivity Control Service - IoT CCS

A third groundbreaking alternative IoT Connectivity Management

With Aptilo IoT CCS,  mobile operators can add an IoT connectivity control and security layer for their IoT services on top of the existing mobile core. Best of all, it will work with the coming service-based 5G core (5GC) architecture. Aptilo IoT CCS™ is based on Aptilo’s IoT Connectivity Management Platform – Aptilo SMPIoT. It is delivered as a service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), so it is all an operational expenditure (OPEX).

The Aptilo Connectivity Control Service enables new and innovative IoT services. New kinds of IoT services that you have never seen before. In a matter of days rather than months and hence also to a fraction of the alternative cost.

State-of-the-art service from a symbiotic partnership

Aptilo has been working with policy control solutions since 2001. Every day we provide connectivity for 200+million people and even more things. We have done so long before things was called M2M and not IoT.

Symbiotic IoT Connectivity Management partnership Aptilo and Fortinet We work in the signalling/control plane and needed a partner in the traffic/data plane to realize the Aptilo IoT Connectivity Service Service. The choice fell on Fortinet and their FortiGate next-generation firewalls. Fortinet is among the top #3 cybersecurity companies in the world and over 425,000 customers trust them to protect their businesses.
Through Fortinet we get policy enforcement at the edge, routing, VPN management, device traffic filtering, protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), limitation of the number of TCP connections and more. The detection of anomalies are also part of the Aptilo IoT CCS security in this symbiotic partnership between Aptilo and Fortinet.


Operators can add international mobile operator partners to their Aptilo IoT CCS service. Combined with their ability to instantly localize eSIM cards (eUICC) over-the-air, operators can offer a truly global connectivity without roaming charges.

Through the Aptilo CCS multitenancy virtual APN, operators can offer a secure international connectivity with optional local break-out for selected traffic. The business customer can save significantly in logistics and administration costs by handling just one unified eSIM card and one VPN connection instead of multiple local SIM cards and VPN connections for each mobile operator. All IoT units in their warehouse can have identical configuration with localization over-the-air (OTA) when the end-user switch them on for the first time in the destination country. For the IoT customer this means a streamlined logistics and reduced tied-up capital. For the mobile operator it means a customer stickiness that few services can offer and the possibility to charge a value-based premium price for the IoT connectivity service.