WiFi4EU Gratis Wi-Fi tjänst stödd av EU

WiFi4EU - EU sponsored public Wi-Fi


WiFi4EU is an initiative to create thousands of Wi-Fi networks in municipalities across the EU. With WiFi4EU, a free high quality internet connection is available in public places for citizens and visitors. EU has allocated EUR 120 million for 2018-2020. Each municipality can apply for a voucher of EUR 15,000 for the purchase of equipment and installation of the Wi-Fi network. The municipality undertakes to maintain a free and high quality WiFi4EU service for at least three years. The voucher can also be a part-financing of a larger and more expensive project. Municipalities must finish the WiFi4EU sponsored project within 18 months from the grant.

We have summarized the most important information in the more about the WiFi4EU section below, but you can also read more on the EU’s own page for frequently asked questions.

WiFi4EU City Billboard


To facilitate the imminent migration from WiFi4EU Phase 1 to Phase 2, it is important to invest in a solution that already meets Phase 1 requirements and with which you can meet future Phase 2 requirements without new investments. With Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™ you are future-proof and also get features that are important already in Phase 1:

  • Be compliant with GDPR

  • Give different information to users at different locations

  • Support for all leading Wi-Fi vendors

  • Mini-surveys


Right now (January 2019), planning is underway for Phase 2 for WiFi4EU in order to create a safer and automatic connection. It will be done through Hotspot 2.0 and Passpoint certified equipment, with automatic login for all registered users across Europe. This will set new and more complex requirements for the WiFi4EU service. The advantage for the user is that once registered, the user will automatically be connected to all WiFi4EU (SSID 1.x) all over Europe and the connection will be securely encrypted. Aptilo has extensive experience in this field and these features are already available in the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™ service:

  • Secure and automatic connection (Hotspot 2.0 with 1.x och EAP)

  • Roaming


Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud for WiFi4EU

  • Based on the worlds #1 solution for large-scale Wi-Fi Service Management

    Aptilo Networks is a Swedish company that has worked with Wi-Fi and only Wi-Fi ever since the first Wi-Fi access points were shipped (2001). Over the years, we have made 100+ installations with operators, which in turn serve thousands of companies, authorities and organizations in over 75 countries. Jointly they have made Wi-Fi available to more than 200 million users.

    The Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™ service is produced in Sweden and hence all data that is stored does not go outside the EU, which is important from a GDPR perspective.

  • Future-proof solution

    We have adapted our cloud service Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ (GWC) to the existing and future requirements of WiFi4EU:

    • Integration of a WiFi4EU snippet (WiFi4EU Phase 1)
    • Support for automatic login of users within 12 hours (MAC-address)
    • Collection of user’s consent to use their MAC-address (GDPR)
    • Support for Wi-Fi roaming (WiFi4EU Phase 2)
    • Support for onboarding of EAP-TTLS certificate (WiFi4EU Phase 2)

    With us you will get access to all the knowledge and experience needed for your WiFi4EU project now and in the future.

  • Support for all major AP-vendors

    Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ supports all major AP-vendors Aruba, Cisco and Ruckus. They have been partners with us for a long time and we have delivered many successful projects together.

  • Maybe the worlds best solution for GDPR

    Our solution for consent and handling of personal data has been built in collaboration with some of our largest European operator customers. It is probably the world’s best solution to make a Wi-Fi service comply with GDPR, at least if one is to believe the Wi-Fi Now Awards. You can even allow users to manage their own consents and personal data online.

  • Do more with Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™

    Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™ can of course be used for purposes other than WiFi4EU. Perhaps you already today offer Wi-Fi services in your municipality, but lack a nice login portal or want more of your service. We also have a rich range of additional modules such as tools for marketing towards the users of the service.

    Do you need to handle different locations in a hierarchical structure? Provide different information for users at the different locations? Get analytics broken down into different locations?

    Do you need any of the above? Then Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™ is right for you. We can do all this and much more such as collecting the users’ opinions in mini-surveys as a step in the login flow.

  • Who can apply?

    All municipalities can apply for a check of EUR 15,000, which is then paid out to the company that performs the installation. The application is made through a simple registration at the WiFi4EU portal.

  • There must be a login portal for WiFi4EU

    Municipalities providing the WiFi4EU service must offer a login portal (Captive Portal) that captures all users when they join the open Wi-Fi network. This network must also be named WiFi4EU (SSID). To begin with (Phase 1) it is enough to give the visitor a button to click on in the login portal to access the Internet. The login portal needs to have a so-called “snippet” (code string) from EU integrated so that the EU can check the number of users and upload their graphical profile. The next phase (Phase 2) is being defined, but will probably result in a greater complexity. An automatic and secure connection of users through Hotspot 2.0 is likely to be implemented. A user registered at a WiFi4EU site should easily and automatically be able to connect to any secure WiFi4EU network (1.x SSID) anywhere in Europe. Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™ offers a future-proof solution for this.

  • Free for the users

    The WiFi4EU service must be of high quality and free to users. The municipalities must not charge, either directly or through revenue from advertising or data collection. However, the municipality may provide non-commercial information on the login portal and ask the users to, for example, fill in an anonymous survey.

  • Login through the portal only once per day

    EU requires users to be automatically logged in to the WiFi4EU service if they return within 12 hours. They will only need to meet the portal once a day. Normally, this is solved by saving the MAC address (unique address for each device). These features are included in the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™ service.

  • Are you following the rules of GDPR?

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law also applies to WiFi4EU. Each municipality is responsible for ensuring that this and other local laws are followed. You have to save the MAC address or a Cookie in order to automatically log in the users within 12 hours. According to many local policies, these data are considered personal data. Hence you must likely handle the WiFi4EU service according to GDPR. Aptilo’s award-winning consent and personal data management solution will help you meet these requirements now and in the future.


Phase 1 requires only a simple click-and-connect login portal (Captive Portal) where the user clicks a “Connect” button to access the internet. The login portal must contain a snippet (a small code) from the EU Innovation and Networks Executives Agency (INEA). This is how INEA can measure the number of sessions started and load the WiFi4EU visual identity that makes the user recognize the WiFi4EU service wherever it is offered. This page should also contain a text explaining that this is an open public Wi-Fi network with the usual warnings about the risks that exist when accessing the internet over such a network.

However, the reality is more complex than that. According to GDPR, you must get consent from the user to save their MAC address to support the requirement for automatic login within 12 hours. You may also want to have different information on the login portals at different locations and support multiple providers’ Wi-Fi access points?

Support for this and much more is available in Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud ™.