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Aptilo Zero-touch
Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity

Automatic and secure onboarding of your Wi-Fi IoT devices on IoT application enablement platforms. Aptilo Zero-touch IoT Wi-Fi connectivity opens up a mass-market for Wi-Fi-based IoT.

The IoT Wi-Fi onboarding challenge

Onboarding of Wi-Fi IoT devices is challenging. Wi-Fi was originally built for devices with screens and handled by humans. Existing solutions such as WPS, Bluetooth pairing and Wi-Fi Alliance’s Easy Connect all require some kind of manual interaction when the device is switched on for the very first time. This has been holding back the mass-market of IoT services based on Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, cellular connectivity has been used even though Wi-Fi is available everywhere at indoor locations.

An amazing 15.7 billion IoT devices by 2023 will be using short-range technologies such as Wi-Fi (according to Ericssons June 2018 connectivity report).

How do we manage Wi-Fi authentication and the scale? Welcome to Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT connectivity!

Existing Wi-Fi IoT solutions all have manual onboarding

Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT connectivity

Aptilo Wi-Fi IoT solution is based on the award-winning Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP). It leverages Hotspot 2.0 and Passpoint, while also supporting legacy Wi-Fi equipment and devices.

Existing solutions require endless manual labor to onboard every device, and this need to be repeated when for instance the security key is changed.

With  Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT connectivity solution, the device will just securely fly on to the Wi-Fi network when they are switched on for the first time, and continue to do so for every connection.  We use device identities in the form of x.509 certificates that already exist in the IoT application enablement platform. Through this integration, Aptilo SMP can also verify if the device is active and collect input to form connectivity policies. The enterprise remains in control, but the service is seamless and secure. Security is granted through EAP-TLS authentication with the Wi-Fi network encrypted over the air using 802.1x.

Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT connectivity winner of Wi-Fi NOW Best Wi-Fi IoT Product 2018