About Aptilo

When you buy our solutions you are not only buying a product. Aptilo’s products are merely a result of who we are, governed by three core values. Values that shape our culture and ensure our customers’ success since 2001.

We Understand


How could we not?
With customers in over 75 countries. All with different demands. Requiring our solution to make their Wi-Fi business thrive.

In this statement lies our collective experience with 120+ customers, all with their specific needs and business models. Our managed service, where we operate our system for our customers, takes us even closer to the daily operations. In many cases we are even a part of the customer’s organization as a outsourcing partner.

We challenge


Ourselves, the industry and maybe even you. Our solutions have served many companies like yours. Nevertheless, something in your business may well call for doing things differently this time.

We believe in and follow standards, but that does not stop us from finding pragmatic solutions to solve real-life business problems for our customers. We always challenge our customers and lead them to a better path if we think there is one. At the same time we are always listening to you and are open to doing things differently, always questioning the status quo.

We deliver


A statement covering more than our promises, processes and products. It’s rather an attitude, ingrained in each and every one of us at Aptilo. It’s our way of being…us.

We thrive in exceeding our customers’ expectations. And, they constantly challenge us to come up with innovative and award-winning solutions to their problems.


We help service providers to create growth, save costs and reduce churn while increasing ARPU and customer loyalty through:

Cloud Services

Our most wanted guest Wi-Fi capabilities for businesses and venues are also available through the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ service. The Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity™ service is a game-changer for Wi-Fi-based IoT.

But, it’s not all about Wi-Fi. The groundbreaking Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service™ helps Mobile Operators to innovate in Cellular IoT.

World’s #1 Wi-Fi service control solution

The Aptilo Service Management Platform™ is the world’s #1 Wi-Fi service control solution. It has been proven in large-scale deployments with 100+ operators in more than 75 countries in partnership with leading vendors including Cisco,  CommScope (Arris and Ruckus), Ericsson, Fujitsu, HP and Nokia.

The Aptilo Service Management Platform™ features advanced functions for authentication, policy control and charging. You can add the Aptilo Managed Service™ and put your trust in Aptilo’s experts managing Aptilo SMP in our data center or yours.

Flexible IoT connectivity management platform

The Aptilo Service Management Platform™ is also the base in our award-winning IoT connectivity management platform for both Wi-Fi and Cellular IoT connectivity control.

Enea - Business Unit Aptilo logo

Aptilo is a business unit of Enea, a world-leading supplier of innovative software for telecommunications and cybersecurity. Enea is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Please visit www.enea.com for more information.

Business model and management

Aptilo’s solutions are sold as software licenses running on standard servers. We sell our products primarily through our many partners. However, we are normally deeply involved from the very start so you are welcome to contact us directly to start a discussion.

The management team of Aptilo Networks that has led the company to such resounding success has extensive business experience in telecom, network solutions and software development. Prior to Aptilo, they held management positions at well-known, innovative companies such as Ericsson, Sun Microsystems and Sonera.

Our code of conduct

Aptilo Networks is dedicated to conducting business responsibly, working toward achieving sustainability. We have based our code of conduct on:

Read this document for more details about our code of conduct.

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