Board members

Åge Lonning ChairmanÅge Lønning – Chairman

Åge Lønning holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from Århus BSS, Denmark. Åge is currently CEO in the Norwegian consultancy company Inmeta. He is part of Norvestor Equity external network of industry experts and advisors. Åge has long experience in developing software and telecom companies together with founders and Private Equity investors. Prior positions include CEO in Component Software ASA, COO in Affecto OY, CEO in AdraMatch AS and CEO in Enoro AS.



Web-Chrtistian-Sontum-B&WChristian Sontum – Board Member

Christian joined Norvestor in early 2010 as an Investment Director and was promoted to Partner in December 2010. He is currently the chairman of Robust and Roadworks and is on the board of Marine Aluminium and Permascand. Christian has worked as a civil engineer in the US and in operational management positions in Norway. Christian was instrumental both strategically and operationally in a successful development of ENEAS, a Norwegian energy related company later sold to an international private equity fund. Christian also spent three years with McKinsey & Company and as vice president of the investment bank Norden Fondsmeglerforretning. He holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and a MBA from IESE.


Katarina Bonde – Board Member

Katarina Bonde has a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and has also studied economics at Stockholm University. Katarina has a long international career leading fast-growing software companies to success in the US and Europe. She served as chairman of Aptilo Networks from 2005 until Norvestor became the majority shareholder in January 2011. Prior positions include CEO of UniSite Software Inc. , Managing Director of Captura International, Executive Vice President of Captura Software Inc., VP Sales and Marketing of Timeline Software and CEO of Programator Industri AB. Katarina Bonde serves as Chairman of the board of Opus Group AB (publ.), Imint AB (publ.) and Propellerhead Software AB. She is also Board member of Mycronic AB (publ.), Micro Systemation AB (publ.) and Fingerprint Cards (publ).


Anders Ingeström – Board Member

Anders Ingeström holds a Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering. Previously held positions: co-founder of Connectus AB, Business Unit Director of AU-System, CEO of Across Wireless AB, EVP and COO of Sonera SmartTrust AB, CEO of Spinbox AB and Managing Director of Mobeon AB. Current Board of Director positions include: Jeeves Information Systems, Axiomatics, Adaptlogic, Coach&Capital and Idevio.