Guest Internet access has become a must!

Convinient and secure enterprise guest Internet access with Wi-FiLarge corporations have an increasing number of business relationships with many external parties. The efficiency and effectiveness of these relationships are paramount to the success of the company. Because customers and business partners spend an increasing amount of time at your offices, they need to have access to their corporate resources in a quick and easy manner.

Your guests all have 3G/4G wireless broadband connections, but all too often these connections are not working well inside office buildings. The use of 3G/4G – with high roaming charges – is not a viable option for your international guests.

The purpose of enterprise guest Internet access services is to allow customers and business partners to use your Wi-Fi network to access Internet and their corporate resources from your office in a secure way. The “always-on” lifestyle of today’s business people makes a carrier-class Wi-Fi service just as important for the customer relationship as the coffee machine.

Supporting the new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend

With the explosion of new types of wireless devices comes the need for deploying a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) functionality where internal users can register their own devices online and then get access to some parts of the corporate network in a controlled way. With Aptilo Service Management Platform™ comes support for BYOD and guest Internet access from the same scalable platform that can be deployed centrally in large corporations.The benefit is increased productivity for both your staff and visitors.

With Aptilo you can say YES to enterprise guest Internet access!

Guest Internet Yes we canSome enterprises are still holding off on Wi-Fi deployments because of security concerns and administrative burdens. With Aptilo you will get a carrier-class Wi-Fi service – with security features developed for our 90+ demanding service provider Wi-Fi customers – optionally delivered as a cloud service so there’s minimal impact on your IT staff. In fact, many of our Fortune 500 enterprise Wi-Fi guest Internet access deployments (corporations with hundreds of offices deployed worldwide) are more similar to a service provider deployment in terms of data volumes and need for quality of service (QoS) control.

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