Enterprise Guest Internet

Enterprise Guest Internet

The Aptilo guest Internet access solution is designed to work seamlessly with the infrastructure typically found in large corporations. Often, these enterprises have several satellite, or even temporary offices sitting outside the Wide Area Network (WAN), in addition to numerous sites within the network. In the Aptilo guest Internet access solution, redundant pairs of the high-performance Aptilo Access Controller™ (AC) or third-party access gateways can be deployed at the regional breakout points to the Internet and smaller access controllers can be deployed at the local offices outside the WAN — all managed from a central point. With this regional, centralized design, Aptilo’s solution can ensure that the guest Internet access experience is seamless not only for guests, but for employees responsible for deploying and managing the service as well.

Aptilo Guest Internet Services cloud-based service

For networks that already have a Wi-Fi infrastructure with access gateway functionality, such as the Cisco WLC architecture, there is no need to add any additional network equipment. However, to support a heterogeneous network with Wi-Fi equipment from different vendors or add important features such as controlled automatic login of returning users or traceability of usage through legal intercept, the purpose-built Aptilo Access Controller can be deployed behind the existing access gateways. Learn more about this “hybrid deployment” here.

Flexible operation

The Aptilo guest Internet access solution can be delivered either in the cloud with the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ or as server software for in-house operation –  the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP). Both offerings utilizes the same Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™ – for multitenancy captive portals, analytics and monetization – as our operator managed Guest Wi-Fi solution.

Aptilo Guest Internet Services is a very popular way to deploy our guest Internet access solution. The service management part is operated by Aptilo from one or more of our Network Operations Centers (NOCs). Combined with Aptilo’s end-user support service (available in selected markets), this option will put a close to zero workload on your IT staff, pushing the daily operation of the service out in the line organization and even all the way out to the guests with our guest self-registration feature.

Service setup includes all the required tasks to deploy Aptilo Guest Internet Services including service definition, software installation and configuration, development of the guest login portal, the guest provisioning portal with guest provisioning flows and the services dashboard with reporting, support and escalation processes for the service.

One thing that is often neglected is the importance of having a set of supporting documents to reduce the load on the end-user help desk. Templates for voucher design, end-user instructions, terms of service (legal), FAQ, employee / customer feedback forms etc. all facilitate a speedy rollout and simplified maintenance process. Aptilo’s service centers have global coverage and are available 24 hours/day, seven days/week, 365 days/year. We offer different service levels including 24/7 worldwide availability and end-user support. We believe Aptilo is the only vendor that can offer this kind of solution as a cloud service globally.

Whether you decide to operate your own system or buy the function as a service, you will benefit from Aptilo’s vast experience in deploying Guest Internet Access in large organizations. Our professional services can help you to build the right processes and train your staff based on our experience with several Fortune 500 companies.

Simplified administration

Aptilo Guest Internet Services PortalsAptilo Guest Internet Services solution simplifies administration, a tremendous benefit for IT staff that will have a very limited workload in the daily operation. The unique combination of manageability and ease of use for both employees and guests is obtained through three dedicated Web portals each customizable to the individual enterprise’s specific needs.

Guest login portal

This is the interface used by guests and gives the very important first impression of your company. This portal is customized according to your own Web design guidelines and is a powerful branding as well as information delivery tool. Guests who connect their laptop or smartphone to the Wi-Fi network will immediately be redirected – by the Aptilo Access Controller or the 3rd party access gateway – to this portal. They will then login to access the Internet. It is possible to design portals for different languages and/or device types. The system can automatically decide which portal to use based on browser language or the device in use.

One of the more popular guest provisioning flows is guest self-registration with SMS activation:

  1. The guest registers and enters his/her mobile number at the guest login portal.
  2. A one-time access code is delivered to the mobile phone via SMS (Short Message Service). The delivery will be quick as Aptilo is using a direct connection to the operator’s SMS centers.
  3. The guest activates the guest account via the one-time access code.

The use of activation through the mobile number enables traceability of the guest’s activity in the network as the identity of the guest will be automatically validated through the mobile subscription.

Aptilo guest provisioning portal

A Web-based application reachable via the corporate Intranet for employees to create guest accounts and distribute usernames / passwords or access codes via vouchers, SMS or e-mail. The Aptilo guest provisioning portal offers great flexibility allowing adaptation of the guest provisioning flows to your own administrative processes and security policies. For instance, Aptilo’s solution features an online voucher generator that creates access codes for guests. Rather than having to maintain long lists of vouchers (with availability etc.), reception or employees can create a voucher online at the Guest Provisioning Portal and define how long the access code should stay active. This is ideal for organizations that have a mix of temporary guests and consultants that may stay for months. You can centrally manage and setup policies for the administration of access codes and then delegate the account creation out in the local organization. Different employees can have different rights to create access codes and the GUI can be tailored for different staff e.g. reception, departments, secretaries and HR etc.

Service dashboard

This is the control center for IT staff. The service dashboard consolidates all service management tools into one Web portal. It provides a comprehensive status and alarm handling for all sites from a central point. Guest login portals and guest provisioning portals can be monitored to ensure service availability. The reporting tool provides a rich traceability of user activities which can be enhanced further with the optional Legal Intercept Module designed to meet government regulations (CALEA / EU directive 2006/24/EC). It keeps track of and stores the connection tracking table including Source IP, Source Port, NAT IP, NAT Port, Destination IP, Destination Port, Status, Protocol and Time of the communication.

Full integration with the corporate network

Authentication of employees temporarily assigned from other facilities within the same corporate infrastructure is facilitated through VPN, Active Directory, LDAP or RSA SecureID integration to corporate systems.

Superior customization

Aptilo’s flexible architecture can be easily customized to suit customers’ unique needs and business locations. This can be for instance different languages and specific local information on the splash pages (log-in portals). We support all Wi-Fi vendors including the leading vendors in the enterprise segment Aruba, Cisco, HP and Ruckus.