Fixed Operators

Make the most of your footprint – offer Wi-Fi

Fixed operators are frequently using copper to deliver telephony and Internet services (via xDSL) and some also use fiber for this purpose. They are sitting on a huge asset in terms of network coverage and customer base. By deploying Wi-Fi, fixed operators can maximize the value of these assets while raising their image profile in the eyes of their subscribers with the hottest access technology right now – Wi-Fi. They will also reduce the risk to lose customers to 4G mobile services.

You already have the most difficult part in place for a Wi-Fi hotspot network

Many operators worry about the Wi-Fi and back-end technology when considering building a carrier-class Wi-Fi hotspot network. What is often greatly underestimated is the challenge in site acquisition for these Wi-Fi hotspots. Fixed operators have a tremendous advantage as they already have their xDSL network spread in many public places such as coffee shops and restaurants. All you need to add is the Wi-Fi infrastructure and the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ which is also available as a cloud-based service through the Aptilo Managed Service™.

Shared Wi-Fi access private and publicMaking the most of overcapacity

Many fixed operators have introduced VDSL or fiber resulting in overcapacity and may even have more capacity than needed in many ADSL locations. Why not deploy Wi-Fi enabled routers at the customer premises with an additional SSID for public use? This will turn your ADSL/VDSL to an instant Wi-Fi hotspot network. Aptilo’s policy control solution will ensure that your subscribers will always be prioritized when sharing the overcapacity for public use.

Turning your competitor into your best friend

Many fixed operators are facing competition from mobile operators’ 3G and 4G services.

The fact that people spend the majority of their time either at home or work will make your Wi-Fi network very attractive for the offloading of 3G and LTE mobile traffic at those locations. By deploying Wi-Fi as a means for accessing the xDSL network from the mobile devices, a competing mobile operator will instead turn into a roaming partner generating additional revenue. The secret for a good offloading business case is to deploy an operator-controlled carrier-class Wi-Fi network and make the login process automatic by using the credentials in the SIM-card. Learn more about the Aptilo SIM Authentication Server™. Many fixed operators also have a cellular operator within the same group. Adding Wi-Fi to their xDSL network offloading the cellular network with the seamless SIM authentication is the best way to optimize their total network assets – fixed and cellular.

Maximize customer penetration in your area with prepaid xDSL

With Aptilo Service Management Platform comes a state-of-the-art system for handling all kinds of business models and payment methods with signup via Web portals. Some of our fixed operator customers have taken taken advantage of this by introducing a prepaid business model to their xDSL network. They have enabled all their copper lines with xDSL capabilities. The customers can then sign-up – in a hotspot-like fashion via Web portals – for their xDSL services for longer and shorter periods including a recurring payment model using credit cards. This also provides a nomadic xDSL service where the Internet access via xDSL follows the customer where ever there is a phone line. This is especially interesting in areas where several individuals and families share the same phone line but want to have their own broadband subscription. Learn more about how one of our customers Batelco did prepaid ADSL.