Healthcare Wi-Fi guest Internet solution for the healthcare industryToday many medical centers, hospitals and clinics want to increase the desirability and competitiveness of their healthcare facility while growing revenue by providing secure, simple-to-use high-speed wireless access to the Internet for patients and visitors. There is also a desire to increase communication and improve productivity by allowing permanent employees, visiting doctors and nurses, agency healthcare workers and temporary contractors, as well as patients and visitors, to securely share wireless infrastructure.

The Aptilo healthcare Wi-Fi service management solution provides a secure and cost-effective delivery of Wi-Fi services for hospitals wishing to provide temporary Internet access, whether at a single campus or across multiple medical facilities.

Internet access through Wi-Fi is an important part of the healing process

A long stay in the hospital can be stressful for patients and their families. Offering connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi is a good way to improve the patient’s overall quality of experience. Staying connected with friends and family through email, the ability to catch up on favorite Web sites and even to pay bills online – the chance to continue with the tasks of daily life makes a tremendous difference in how patients feel psychologically, which impacts the healing process. It can mean less worry for your patients, so they can focus on getting better.

Aptilo has a proven track record in large-scale healthcare deployments

Large hospital systems such as Dignity Health and Medstar Health are utilizing Aptilo’s solution to provide secure Wi-Fi access for patients and personnel.

“Aptilo’s solutions and services were the right choice for us, as Aptilo has the expertise and experience to manage large-scale deployments of guest Internet services to hospitals.”  Catherine Szenczy, Senior Vice President and CIO, MedStar Health

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