Healthcare Wi-Fi

Healthcare Wi-Fi delivered as a Cloud Service

Aptilo’s healthcare Wi-Fi solution provides patients and their visitors with secure, easy-to-use high-speed broadband Internet access to make their hospital stay more comfortable. Using the service, patients can remain connected to friends and family via email, surf the Internet, etc. from their hospital bed. Doctors and hospital employees are also able to use the service, securely separated from the guest side of the network.

Aptilo’s healthcare Wi-Fi solution can be delivered in the cloud with the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ or as server software for in-house operation –  the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP). Both offerings utilizes the same Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™ – for multitenancy captive portals, analytics and monetization – as our operator managed Guest Wi-Fi solution.

State-of-the-Art Healthcare Wi-Fi Service Management with an Experienced Provider

The feature-rich Aptilo SMP has been designed to meet the needs of the healthcare sector by offering subscriber management, billing, web portals (captive portal and web self-care) and access control as well as statistics and reporting on a single scalable pre-integrated platform.

Aptilo cloud-based managed service for carrier-class Wi-Fi servicesIncrease the value of your Wi-Fi network

By using ‘one common infrastructure design’ a healthcare provider can increase the value of its network by allowing employees, patients, visitors and others to share the same wireless infrastructure in a secure way. Aptilo’s healthcare Wi-Fi solution offers maximum flexibility with a unified, robust subscriber and service management platform using our carrier-Wi-Fi functionality for paying users scaled down to an optimized and cost-effective operation. The Aptilo enterprise guest Internet access functionality can be used for providing free Wi-Fi Internet access to business partners and guests.

No user can gain access to the network before a secure SSL browser-based registration and authentication has been successfully completed and the terms of usage accepted. Individual registration enables a high level of security and traceability of each user and their usage.

The Aptilo Legal Intercept Module™ can monitor and store connection tracking data and trace end-users in the healthcare Wi-Fi network if such data is requested by law enforcement officials.

Healthcare Wi-Fi billing

Simplified billing maximizes revenue opportunities. Aptilo SMP allows for a myriad of payment options including signing up for service online and paying by credit card though our built-in captive portal.

The Aptilo healthcare Wi-Fi solution can also produce CDRs for integration with the hospital’s billing system.

Easy “plug-n-play” user access

When a user opens a standard Web browser, they will automatically be redirected to a custom branded captive portal page for registration and authentication to the wireless broadband service. The “look and feel’ of the captive portal can be changed by anyone without web development skills, using the captive portal manager in Aptilo SMP VWM.

Once the authentication process is complete, information access is customized based on the user’s profile, such as whether they are a patient, visitor, guest or an employee, ensuring a secure and easy-to-use wireless access experience.