Hotel guests take Wi-Fi Internet access for granted

Hospitality Wi-Fi purpose build system for Hotel guest Internet access via Wi-FiToday many hotels and convention centers want to increase loyalty and revenue per guest, make their venue more desirable and guests’ stays more enjoyable by providing secure, simple-to-use high-speed wireless Internet access from anywhere on the property.

There is also a desire to improve productivity and communication by allowing employees, contractors and business partners to securely share the wireless infrastructure, even from their hand held devices.

With Aptilo, you can add additional revenue per guest by monetizing your Wi-Fi network and at the same time offer free access to your business partners.

Wi-Fi is more important than a fitness center or free breakfast

According to a study by, Wi-Fi is the most important feature a hotel can offer their guests. Yes, even more important than things like luxury mattress, a fitness center or free breakfast and parking. Hotel guests expect to get a high performance wireless Internet connection and, for many, this is the main criteria when selecting a hotel.

It’s what happens after guests connect that decides whether they return – or not

Whether you charge for the wireless Internet access or provide it as a free service to attract guests, the best way to encourage them to come back over and over again is to provide a carrier-class Wi-Fi service.

The Aptilo hospitality solution provides a secure and cost-effective carrier-class wireless solution for hotels, retailers and recreational venues wishing to provide temporary Internet access, whether at a single location or across multiple venues.

Many of Aptilo’s hospitality deployments are integrated with popular property management systems (PMS) so that guests can be charged via the hotel bill. Guests can have access codes delivered to them in a multitude of ways including vouchers, SMS or through integration with the hotel TV system.

Three alternative ways to ensure that hotel guests return

The Aptilo solution, based on the award-winning Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP), can be delivered in any of three ways:

  1. By working with one of Aptilo’s many operator customers. We have done 100+ service provider Wi-Fi deployments in more than 70 countries.
  2. Larger hotel chains may want to operate their own Aptilo SMP which is available as a traditional software license running on industry standard servers.
  3. Outsource the operation of the Aptilo SMP to us through our cloud-based service and pay a monthly fee.

Don’t worry about which Wi-Fi radio infrastructure vendors to choose, the Aptilo SMP supports them all. Aptilo can also offer outsourcing of the whole operation including the hardware through our global and regional partners.

Learn more about our hospitality Wi-Fi solution and how Aptilo can help create additional revenue by providing premium services to guests.