Aptilo SMP for Internet of Things

Over the course of the next few years, the communication industry is set to be massively transformed when more and more equipment (or “things”) start to rely on Internet connectivity. The potential number of new devices that will go live on the Internet are estimated in billions ranging from sensors and meters, connected cars, airplane, freight goods, manufacturing machines, surveillance equipment, tools, home appliances, etc. The vision for what can be connected, sending crucial information or receiving instructions, holds no limits.

Equally, an abundance of different IP-based radio access technologies are considered suitable to provide long-range, low-power connectivity for IoT equipment both in licensed and unlicensed spectrum. A number of initiatives are currently underway both within the cellular 3GPP and unlicensed industry organizations and from vendors providing proprietary solutions.

IoT AAA, policy and security – critical functions in the IoT world

Provisioning, authentication and authorization are all important considerations for any IoT device, lacking a standard graphical user interface (screens, browsers, etc.), in order to get connected. Setting policies for these “things” will also play an important role when network operators need to be able to separate and prioritize critical traffic and access from “best-effort” needs. Other key considerations include the ability to manage different protocols and the identity and communication security concerns that arise when this multitude of devices hooks up to a public network. These IoT devices need to rely on that all data remains untampered with.

Enabling connectivity for things since 2001

The Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) has enabled connectivity for “things” over wireless IP-based networks for 15 years. Through this experience, Aptilo Networks has built a solid foundation to deliver important functionality for many IoT services and applications, serving as a powerful and flexible platform for various verticals and IoT applications residing in a public and/or private cloud. Aptilo SMP for IoT is primarily delivered as a cloud-based service and boasts advanced AAA, policy and security features with the scalability and flexibility needed to provide a modern vendor-agnostic management platform for all connected devices.