Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager

Captive Portal Management

Captive portal management for Wi-Fi, have it your way!Captive portal management – have it your way!

Most people associate a captive portal with the graphical user interface. Although a good user experience is very important, what’s equally important for the end result is the business logic underneath, and this is where Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) really shines.

It’s also a common misunderstanding that a captive portal is only one simple page. Many times it is a flow of several pages that is dependent on a user’s selection of services or policies triggered from external systems. The logic must also contain error handling and many times it needs to interact with other systems via APIs.

Many cloud-based providers of Venue Wi-Fi service management offer easy-to-use captive portal management where the venue owners can modify captive portals by changing colour schemes, pictures, text and terms & conditions. This is a good concept that we have implemented in the new Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager. However, in our experience, operators normally have very distinct views about portal flows in order to meet their business needs and their different B2B segments. There’s just no “one-size-fits-all” approach. That’s why we always start by defining a set of captive portal flows that suits each operator for their different vertical B2B customers such as hotels and retailers. We make captive portal templates that are specific to each operator customer type. Most of the time we can base these templates on our best-practice templates derived from our many deployments worldwide.

Captive portal management – anyone can do it!

The objects and texts that have been made editable in the captive portal templates are then available in the captive portal manager GUI in the Aptilo Venue Wi-Fi Manager. This allows the operator to make easy modifications for each B2B customer. Only the portal objects that have been made editable in the template are dynamically visible in the captive portal management GUI, hiding the complexity of web development from the user. Note that the captive portal management GUI automatically changes with the complexity in each template, so the picture above is just one example of the administrator’s user experience.

Captive portal manager and captive portal templates  work hand-in-hand to hide complexity so that anyone can make portal modifications.

The captive portal management GUI is designed so that anyone can make modifications to the portal with zero knowledge about web page design. This  provides the means to allow the B2B customer to administrate the portals themselves, for instance enabling a local hotel to advertise “the special of the day” in the restaurant at one of their local hotels. Watch this short demo video from Mobile World Congress 2016 to experience how easy it is.

Administrators at each B2B customer can define sub-administrators at and below their position in the zone tree which means that changes in the portals can be delegated down to a single location.

Captive portal management – any language and always mobile-first

Both the Aptilo Venue Wi-Fi Manager’s administrative GUI and the captive portal templates support multiple languages. Most operators will use a handful of languages. Translations and additional languages can be easily added at any time.

Our captive portal templates are always “mobile-first” because smartphone designs are more challenging and these type of devices are also most common at venues. All portals are adaptive to larger screens.

Captive portal management – user engagement

For venue owners who want to create their own announcements or adverts on their captive portals, our user-friendly captive portal management GUI will be just right. The ability to schedule submissions of different portals in time is a feature that’s commonly requested, often from stadiums that have different events going on at different times.

But for Wi-Fi monetization the user engagement and Wi-Fi marketing features in Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager go way beyond updating a captive portal. We can integrate with advertising networks and also send e-mails or SMS to users.

Captive portal management – authentication and payment options

When building a new portal, the administrator can select one or many of the authentication and payment methods that are available in the captive portal template. Some of the available authentication and payment methods in Aptilo SMP include:

All authentication and payment options from Credit-Cartd to Social media login