The rumors of the death of muni-wireless have been greatly exaggerated

Municipal Wi-FiIt’s not the concept of city Wi-Fi that’s dead. It is rather the overhyped idea to blanket a whole city with Wi-Fi without a long-term sustainable business model that has passed away.

Aptilo has many deployments worldwide that testify that municipal Wi-Fi can be successful.

One example is the Canton (State) of Fribourg in Switzerland that took the approach to deploy multiple Wi-Fi access zones at various public locations with high demand for connectivity, instead of covering the whole city with a Wi-Fi mesh network.

City of Lompoc in California is a good example of how also a small city (50K residents) can get the muni Wi-Fi business model to work utilizing the Aptilo Managed Service™ reducing the cost of operation of the network.

“The switch to Aptilo’s solution has played a key role in making municipal Wi-Fi successful for Lompoc.  Best of all, it just works.” Richard Gracyk, wireless services administrator, City of Lompoc

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