Municipal Wi-Fi

Municipal Wi-Fi delivered as a Cloud Service

The Aptilo municipal Wi-Fi deployments mentioned in our municipality section all have in common that they have found a sustainable business model and that they use the intelligence in Aptilo’s municipal Wi-Fi solution to make it work.

The Aptilo municipal Wi-Fi solution can be delivered in the cloud with the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™ or as server software for in-house operation –  the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP). Both offerings utilizes the same Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™ – for multitenancy captive portals, analytics and monetization – as our operator managed Guest Wi-Fi solution.

Intelligence to open up the Wi-Fi network for additional revenue

The native support for roaming and mobile data offloading in Aptilo’s muni-Wi-Fi solution means that a city network can earn additional revenue by offering roaming agreements with other operators.

Intelligence to deploy the network in a smart and cost-effective way

The Aptilo SMP can tie multiple Wi-Fi access zones together to share the same login mechanisms and policies and automatically roam between the zones while still offering customization of things such as Web portals for each location if necessary.

The public and private (police, fire department and public works) part of the Wi-Fi network can be securely separated on different SSIDs and virtual LANs (VLAN) and the system can also provide different priority to different users. Allowing the public and private side to share the same physical network maximizes opportunities to pay for the build-out and operation of the network moving forward.

Intelligence and flexibility to optimize the operation of the network

By outsourcing the daily operation of the Aptilo SMP through the Aptilo Managed Service, the city can keep operating expenditures (OPEX) to a minimum. The city will have full flexibility to move to in-house operation at a later stage.

Aptilo cloud-based managed service for carrier-class Wi-Fi servicesThe Aptilo SMP is designed to deliver a carrier-class Wi-Fi service with all policy control functions in place to optimize the available bandwidth and provide a superior user experience. The Aptilo SMP have specific support for leading third-party access gateways, but is optimized for working hand-in-hand with the Aptilo Access Controller™ (AC) delivering true unique capabilities to control the user experience.