Aptilo ServiceGlue™

Aptilo ServiceGlue™ is an integral part of the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) and the smart way to deploy wireless- and IoT services. It features rule set-based configurable logic and an intelligent database interface.

Designed for the real-world

We have designed the Aptilo ServiceGlue™ based on the simple truth that there will always be new requirements and that neither our customers nor we have the time to wait for the next Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) release. There is also a need to seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Thus, nothing can be hard-coded. Any adapted logic for deployments need to be added by configuration.

With the Aptilo ServiceGlue functionality the Aptilo SMP becomes a powerful and flexible glue between the OSS/BSS/core and the wireless network. Our vendor-agnostic approach with pre-enabled adaptations for our partners’ equipment and the flexible integration with OSS/BSS/core systems provides unprecedented savings in the deployment phase. Our customers can preserve existing investments in infrastructure and supporting systems and even execute a phased step-by-step integration.

Aptilo ServiceGlue Configurable Logic

Rule-set based configurable logic

The Aptilo ServiceGlue features advanced configurable rule-set based functions. The functions can receive requests and triggers from gateways and other nodes such as PCRFs and CRM systems. Then process advanced rule-set based configurable logic. And finally, push the required actions back to the external gateways and systems. Note that one request can result in multiple actions toward different nodes.

The functions can utilize the intelligent database interface in Aptilo ServiceGlue to perform multiple lookups and intelligently map the different parameters from these sources to another set of parameters in the wireless network or other nodes and systems. Based on the result from these intelligent lookups, new functions can be triggered in the Aptilo ServiceGlue creating a highly flexible logic.

In the example, a request comes in and triggers the start of the main function ‘100’. The function can then start two alternative functions (or any number of functions) based on the received data from the trigger. The sub-functions can in turn start additional functions to complete the desired logic.

The execution of the functions are initiated by three types of triggers:

  1. Events in the network, such as login requests, accounting requests etc.
  2. Changes of values in the Aptilo account database, such as changing the parameter “Charge for Wi-Fi” from “yes” to “no”.
  3. Timer, for instance performing a “clean up” of sessions at a certain time.

The Aptilo ServiceGlue is available as a feature in the Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP) and thus also in Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi, Aptilo SMP IoT and the different Aptilo SMP applications.

With the Aptilo ServiceGlue acting as a “black-box”, the operator can deploy advanced functionality with minimal impact on existing systems.

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