System reporting

The Aptilo SMP system reporting function is the main tool for automatic processing and display of data from the system. The extensive SNMP support in Aptilo SMP facilitates integration with existing monitoring tools.

Advanced Reporting

The system reporting function features automatic processing and aggregation of data including demographics, usage information and events.

Flexible reports can be created for all data depending on the use case, whether it be for Wi-Fi analytics , IoT or anything else.

The information can be tailored for multiple groups of users such as network administrators, customer care staff, customer support, managers, marketing, roaming partners and venue owners.

Advanced Wi-Fi Analytics

Policy-based statistics counters

Aptilo SMP features a very flexible way to add statistics counters. This makes it possible to add tailor made statistics. The possibilities are virtually end-less as up to 100 counters can be added to our policy-engine. Anything that is available in the system can be combined to provide the statistics needed.

For instance, the ruleset logic enables Aptilo SMP to count complex combinations of different parameters such as counting number of Web logins using prepaid accounts per browser type.

In addition to the analytics dashboard, it is also possible to distribute statistics through SNMP MIB.

Extensive SNMP support

The Aptilo SMP contains a large number of SNMP MIBs with thousands of objects, of these about 550 are Aptilo specific objects. About 25 of the objects are traps and the others are used to monitor status and gather statistics from different system components.

  • Authentication information
  • Backup information
  • Status of the Charging Data Record (CDR) generation
  • Information about the DHCP service
  • Diameter adapter statistics
  • Information about the system storage
  • Hardware information
  • IP allocation function information
  • Policy-based statistic counters (see above)
  • Over 15 standard MIBs
  • Third party MIBs
  • Hardware failures e.g. fans, RAID and power supply
  • One of the core services of the Aptilo SMP is not working properly
  • Authentication down
  • IP allocation service is down
  • Only a few IP addresses left in a pool
  • User account provisioning via the Account & Session API adapter is producing more errors than expected
  • An error occurred while creating or sending the backup
  • Aptilo SMP databases are using more than 90% of the available storage
  • Traps about services such as LDAP and RADIUS.
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