A standard 3GPP AAA server provides authentication, authorization, policy control and routing information to packet gateways for 3GPP Wi-Fi access. It performs EAP-SIM/AKA authentication of SIM devices directly to the HLR/HSS. This provides a seamless and secure access to the Wi-Fi network.  The standard 3GPP AAA performs critical functions. But, we have seen in many of our Wi-Fi offload implementations that there is a need to add additional functionallity:

  • Authentication for devices that do not support the EAP-SIM/AKA method.
  • Authentication for Wi-Fi devices without a SIM-card.
  • Support for monetizing the Wi-Fi network by allowing signup of ad-hoc users through Web Portals.
  • Ability to define granular Wi-Fi specific policies to for example control QoS in the Wi-Fi network.

Adding a plus to the standard 3GPP AAA

To put it simple, the standard 3GPP AAA needs extended functions to monetize the Wi-Fi network and to support all type of devices.

For this purpose, we have created the Aptilo SMP 3GPP AAA+™ application on the award-winning Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP). It has the same SIM authentication functionality as the  Aptilo SMP SIM Authentication™ application and we have also added some critical functions from the Aptilo SMP for carrier-class Wi-Fi services.

These additional functions include:

Need a 3GPP AAA for Wi-Fi Calling?

We got it! Just implement the Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling™ function on the same Aptilo SMP platform.

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