Prepaid and Charging

Prepaid and Charging

The Aptilo prepaid and charging subsystem can check-out and handle quotas from third-party prepaid (PPS) / online charging (OCS) systems or act as a standalone prepaid system for data services. The tight integration with our Wi-Fi Policy function allows for unprecedented creativity in defining new differentiated services.

Prepaid billing for Wi-Fi services

Aptilo’s system makes it possible to activate charging models based on for instance:

  • Volume-based charging

  • Duration-based charging

  • Time-of-day and day-of-week charging with differentiated rating

  • Prepaid charging of ad-hoc users

  • Start cost and minimum charges

A multitude of payment options including credit card, vouchers, premium SMS and more can be executed through the native payment support in the built-in captive portal in the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ or through integration with external systems.

Flexible deployment models

The Aptilo SMP is designed for full flexibility in how it interacts and co-exists with existing PPS systems. The customer can choose and balance the level of intelligence deployed in Aptilo versus a third-party system. End-users can sign-up for service and perform top-up through the captive portal which also includes the possibility to integrate with external portals of choice.

Hybrid deployment

In a hybrid deployment, the Aptilo SMP checks-out quota from the third-party PPS system and handles the quota management for the end-user sessions in the wireless network. Most of the intelligence resides in the Aptilo system which can check-out additional quota for the session and redirect users to a captive portal when quota has been depleted. The Aptilo system will also return remaining quota to the third-party PPS system when the user session is over.

The quota can be data-volume based or credits-based (money), in which case the Aptilo system is used to apply rating for the session according to the different charging models.

There are a number of good reasons why an operator with an existing PPS system would go for a hybrid deployment. The operator may launch a new type of service or a new access network such as Wi-Fi and the existing PPS system may not have the functionality or gateway support needed. The operator may also want to keep the transaction volume as low as possible in the existing PPS system and find Aptilo’s prepaid system to be more cost-effective.

Integration with post-paid billing systems

The Aptilo system can create CDRs (Call Data Records) that are sent for processing to external billing systems. It can also proxy accounting to a billing system in real-time.

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