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Aptilo Wi-Fi AAA gives you more

What is a Wi-Fi AAA?

The AAA function, Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA), is the core of any Wi-Fi service. Together with the Wi-Fi policy function it controls:

  • Access of users
  • The user experience in the Wi-Fi network
  • The monetization of the Wi-Fi service

Aptilo’s Wi-Fi AAA is not like any other generic AAA solution. It is a solid AAA system with value-added functionality that is specially built for Wi-Fi networks.

The Aptilo Wi-Fi AAA boasts advanced authentication, session management, intelligent roaming as well as gateway adaptors, advanced APIs, security features, 3GPP support, IPv6 support and more.

It can act as a 3GPP AAA for SIM-based authentication. Acting as a 3GPP AAA, it is also a critical component for Wi-Fi Calling.

Integrate Aptilo’s Wi-Fi AAA with your existing OSS/BSS systems of choice and fast-track your wireless service deployment by using any or all of Aptilo’s optional modules for building a complete wireless service management solution including functions such as prepaid billing and integration with external billing systems through the Aptilo SMP prepaid & charging subsystem.

The Aptilo Wi-Fi AAA is vendor agnostic. This allow you to select the best-of-breed Wi-Fi infrastructure and gateway vendors for every situation. As a result, you will increase the competition between different vendors and avoid to be trapped in a turnkey solution from a single vendor. Since 2001 we have done deployments, extensive testing and adaptions for all Wi-Fi and gateway vendors that count. Most of them are close partners with us, many resells the Aptilo Service Management Platform™. This will ensure a hassle-free, vendor-independent deployment.

The Aptilo Wi-Fi AAA features advanced API’s such as the Aptilo provisioning API which enables next-generation services where an external application – such as video-on-demand systems – can trigger a change of authorization to temporarily e.g. increase the bandwidth for a user.

  • Advanced Authentication

  • Gateway Node Adaptors

  • Security

  • Intelligent Roaming

  • Session Management

  • Advanced APIs

  • 3GPP Support

  • IPv6 Support

Aptilo’s product are extremely stable, which has radically reduced the time we need to spend on support and maintenance. This means that we have been able to free valuable time for development of our services.

Anjali Bhatnagar Nordic product panager for wireless networks, Telenor

From being just one of the many services that we provide, our Wi-Fi offering has rapidly become a strategic tool for optimizing the use of our networks assets. The ability to offer customers a first-class user experience gives us a competitive edge.

John BerminghamSenior Product Manager - Data Products, eircom Group