Professional Services

Professional Services - Take help from the experts

Aptilo professional services let us give you a helping handAptilo Networks has, during 10 years of operation, gained a fair amount of experience in managing and setting up wireless broadband management solutions and services in more than 60 countries across the world. Service providers can benefit from this accumulated skill and knowledge by letting Aptilo’s experts help when planning and implementing public wireless broadband services. Aptilo Networks has an established training program in place to help operators and partners get started with our products,  making sure that they get the most from their investment. The training is adapted to each customer and can be conducted either at Aptilo Networks offices or on-site with hands-on training. Aptilo also offers integration services and customer adaptations to ensure that your existing equipment is being utilized in an optimal way when integrating the Aptilo system.

Need even more help, at least initially? Try the Aptilo Managed Service offering which optionally has a ‘build-and-transfer’ model where you can outsource the operation of our systems to Aptilo first, and then move them for in-house operation at a later stage.