Carrier Wi-Fi aka service provider Wi-Fi

Carrier Wi-Fi


People love Wi-Fi. The majority of their devices are Wi-Fi-only. Carrier Wi-Fi is the best insurance you can get to stay relevant, protect your core business and improve your bottom line.

Carrier Wi-Fi reduce churn

Reduce churn with carrier Wi-Fi

Reduced churn. This is where you will find the big money in carrier Wi-Fi. Take the Canadian cable operator Shaw as an example. They experienced 35% lower churn among subscribers that had signed up for their carrier Wi-Fi service than those that didn’t.

Operators spend 15-20% of their revenues on cost of churn and churn reduction. Just do the math. Imagine if carrier Wi-Fi services could reduce your churn by only 1 percentage point. What would adding 1% of your revenue to your bottom line do for your business?

Carrier Wi-Fi provide additional revenue

Get additional revenue with carrier Wi-Fi

Can you monetize a carrier Wi-Fi service even if it is included in the subscriptions?

The answer is yes! We can see this from our 100+ carrier Wi-Fi deployments serving hundreds of millions of users. Many operators do upselling to higher-tier service plans that include Wi-Fi. Others increased the price on their broadband or mobile subscriptions because carrier Wi-Fi give them a more competitive offering. Some bundle the Wi-Fi service with other type of services such as broadband and TV.

Learn more about the indirect and direct ways for Wi-Fi monetization.

A successful launch of carrier Wi-Fi requires an experienced partner that understands your needs and challenges your ideas. We dare to say, no one knows more about carrier-class Wi-Fi services than we do.

Watch our 90 second video about Aptilo and why operators need to go Wi-Fi.

  • Why operators must go Wi-Fi video
    Carrier Wi-Fi
    90 seconds about Aptilo and why operators must go Wi-Fi !
Carrier Wi-Fi is a great B2B asset

Wi-Fi as a strategic b2b asset

The business-to-business (B2B) segment is important for operators in the hunt for sustainable growth. Wi-Fi services is the grease in operators B2B business. By delivering an attractive guest Wi-Fi service operators will gain more revenue. They will also increase opportunities to sell other services. At the same time they gain important indoor footprint for their own subscribers.

This is why managed guest Wi-Fi has become operators primary strategic B2B asset. For mobile operators it paves the way for small-cell/5g roll-outs. It is all about selling attractive services to businesses and venue owners, not about renting space for base stations.

Carrier Wi-Fi provides indoor coverage

Carrier Wi-Fi for indoor coverage

Wi-Fi provides indoor coverage and added capacity in dense areas where it’s needed most. It is crucial for the operators’ site acquisition efforts. You must offer businesses something they want to get access to their sites. Thus mobile operators can use Wi-Fi as a vehicle to come in and deploy small cells at indoor locations.

With Wi-Fi Calling mobile operators will have a greater flexibility in securing indoor coverage for their subscribers. They can combine Wi-Fi access points and cellular small cells at selected locations, with the freedom to only use Wi-Fi at locations where that makes sense.

We have all the Wi-Fi business models you need

In our 100+ service provider Wi-Fi deployments, we have been through all business models there are. No matter what business models you need we are confident that we will be able to accommodate it.

  • Wi-Fi access via CRM or AD integration
  • Wi-Fi click and connect access
  • Wi-Fi credit card payment
  • Wi-Fi loyalty system integration
  • Wi-Fi hotel PMS integration
  • Wi-Fi SMS one-time-password
  • Wi-Fi premium SMS payment
  • Wi-Fi user self registration
  • Wi-Fi roaming
  • Voucher / scratch card
  • Social media

We play nicely with all Carrier Wi-Fi vendors

ArubaCiscoEricssonNokia and Ruckus are just a few examples of our carrier Wi-Fi partners, all world-leading carrier Wi-Fi vendors. Our system has been adapted for and deployed with their products since 2001.

Integrate with what you have

The Aptilo Service Management Platform™ has a flexible protocol adapters and APIs. With the Aptilo ServiceGlue™ concept, we can do advanced integration with added logic towards any of the OSS/BSS and core systems you may throw our way. It is a good chance we already have made integration with the systems you have in mind.

Leverage our experience in guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi. Since our first deployment with Copenhagen airport back in 2001, we have added thousands of guest Wi-Fi deployments through our operator customers and direct customers. Our installations can be found in nearly every vertical you could think of. Tap into that experience when developing your own guest Wi-Fi offerings.

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Some of our carrier Wi-Fi Customers

Aptilo customer TIM
Aptilo customer Swisscom
Aptilo customer Oi
Aptilo customer 3UK
Aptilo customer Inwi
Aptilo customer Telia
Aptilo customer CNT
Aptilo customer Batelco
Aptilo customer Linktel
Aptilo customer Suddenlink
Aptilo customer Telbru
Aptilo customer Docomo Pacific
Aptilo customer Axtel
Aptilo customer Fareastone

What customers say about us

Aptilo really understands carrier-class Wi-Fi. Their excellent track record with us and their position as the leading vendor in this space globally made it natural for us to select Aptilo for this deployment.

Jörn HeggertveitProduct Manager, NextGenTel

Aptilo’s product are extremely stable, which has radically reduced the time we need to spend on support and maintenance. This means that we have been able to free valuable time for development of our services.

Anjali Bhatnagar Nordic product manager for wireless networks, Telenor

We’re turning Wifi7dak into a true carrier-class Wi-Fi network with solutions from Aptilo and leading-edge apps from Smartcom. INWI reaffirms our commitment to customers with innovative services and a first-rate user experience.

Julien MullerManager of Product and Services, Innovation, Strategy and Partnerships, Inwi

We experience Aptilo as very helpful, available and competent.

Gustavo Garcia Network Operations Director, Axtel