Hospitality Wi-Fi

Brand loyalty is a huge challenge for hoteliers. Guests can easily find the best deals online. hospitality Wi-Fi is still the #1 desired amenity and will soon be the primary way to connect with your guests.

Good Reviews

 A robust and engaging hospitality guest Wi-Fi service is the best insurance policy you can get to retain customers.

Devices vs. Brands

Hospitality Wi-Fi used to be all about connecting devices. Now, more than ever before it is about connecting guests to your brand.

Bad reviews

80% of guests will not return to a hotel that delivers a bad technology experience. And, we all know what bad reviews at Trip-Advisor means for bookings.

Drive Guest Loyalty


  • Claire is a 42-year-old sales executive attending a conference in New York. She checks in at the conference hotel on the Saturday before the event. Even before unpacking, Claire connects to the hotel guest Wi-Fi service. The login portal offers Claire to login using social media or her last name and room number. Claire selects Facebook login and keeps the box “Remember me at next connection” ticked.

  • Since it’s her first time with the hotel brand, Claire is forwarded to a page where she can sign-up for the loyalty program. She receives the premium hospitality Wi-Fi for free at this visit as an appreciation.

  • It is Sunday 5pm. A full day downtown has made Claire exhausted. As she walks down the hallway to her room, Claire receives an SMS message with a special offer for a massage at the fitness center.

  • Monday, conference starts. Claire selects the conference hospitality Wi-Fi (SSID) and receives useful information about the event at the portal.

  • Back in her room on the last evening. Instead of just flying on to the hospitality Wi-Fi network as usual, Claire lands at a page asking her to participate in a one minute online survey. Claire agrees to, not only because she gets a free item from the minibar as an incentive, but because her stay has been just perfect. After she presses “submit,” Claire get the choice to rate the hotel at TripAdvisor. She provides an overall high rating and makes comments about the excellent hospitality guest Wi-Fi service and the breakfast. In that order.

    Note! If Claire had rated bad in the survey, the reception would have got noticed and would have a great surprise for Clair during her check-out.


Your guests are pampered with high-performance Wi-Fi in their homes, where they only login the very first time they connect to a new Wi-Fi network. They don’t expect less from you. As hotelier you must offer that home-like frictionless hospitality Wi-Fi experience at every property across your brand.

Claire selected Facebook login and kept the box “Remember me at next connection” ticked. It was simple for her, but there were advanced activities going on behind the scenes in  Aptilo Service Management System™ (SMP) with the Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager™ server application.

Claire connected with Facebook’s login service and by doing so agreed to share her public profile. The data from her public profile allow you to get to know her better and offer a more personalized hospitality guest Wi-Fi experience that build loyalty.


Use Aptilo SMP to deliver a consistent and reliable hospitality guest Wi-Fi experience across every property in your brand. Wi-Fi services with stability, central control and proven support for all leading Wi-Fi vendors.

Your hospitality Wi-Fi service is primarily a business tool for your sales and marketing. This is why Aptilo SMP allows your employees to make local captive portal and analytics modifications. Changes that anyone without IT skills can do, even down to a local area of your properties.

Templates and administrative rights decide what can be changed. You can schedule captive portals to kick-in at a certain date and time, maybe to showcase tonight’s restaurant specials or create login portals for upcoming conferences.


Your local staff gets valuable and actionable insights about guests from Wi-Fi analytics. They can analyze data such as user-demographics, usage of services and location information. This data is the foundation of personalized campaigns, where you can engage guests through captive portals, SMS and e-mail. This will drive upsell of services and loyalty.


We have collected the most wanted hospitality guest Wi-Fi functions in our cloud service – the Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud™. Learn more about the main benefits of our guest Wi-Fi solution, adapted for different businesses and verticals.

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