Wi-Fi Calling

People are giving up their landlines relying on their mobile phones. A poor mobile connection in their homes force them to switch operator. Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi) is the perfect customer retention tool.

Wi-Fi as a customer magnet retaining customers

Wi-Fi Calling – a customer retention game

The next-generation Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi) works transparently over any Wi-Fi connection. Users will never have to consider whether or not they are connected to LTE or Wi-Fi. Voice calls and text will just work. From anywhere to anyone.

Deploying VoWiFi services is mainly a customer retention game. By providing coverage for your voice and text services via any Wi-Fi network, subscribers do not need to seek a service provider with better cellular coverage.

Carrier Wi-Fi provides indoor coverage

Wi-Fi Calling is all about indoor coverage

Is a smartphone a Wi-Fi device or a cellular device? People spend more time on Wi-Fi than on cellular with their mobile devices. Indoor coverage is a huge challenge for mobile operators, especially with the new energy efficient building practices.

Utilizing cellular base stations for indoor coverage is just like using the street lamps to provide reading light for your bed. Why not use the bedside lamp that is already there? And similarly, why not use Wi-Fi for indoor voice coverage?

Watch our 2 minute video about Wi-Fi Calling and why operators should go “best-of-breed.

Aptilo has the key to your VoWiFi service

It is not enough for the subscriber to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. They also need to be authenticated and authorized to use the VoWiFi service. This is the crucial role of Aptilo’s solution, which also offers innovative features such as support for non-SIM devices and adding policies to the VoWiFi service. Read more in the solution details.

You don’t even need your own Wi-Fi footprint

Mobile operators do not have to build their own Wi-Fi network or even partner with Wi-Fi service providers. Next-generation Wi-Fi Calling will work regardless as soon as users are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

However, there are many benefits in deploying your own Wi-Fi. Learn more about Aptilo’s Carrier Wi-Fi solution for operators that want to deploy their own Wi-Fi service in order to stay even more relevant in a Wi-Fi centric world.

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