VoWiFi / VoLTE entitlement

Integration with VoWiFi / VoLTE entitlement servers. AAA solutions has always been our core business. Integration is our middle name. That’s why we can add value also for VoLTE and not only for VoWiFi.

One of the advantages to go with a vendor-agnostic 3GPP AAA vendor such as Aptilo, with AAA as our core business since 2001, is that you can expect critical functionality which make things work in real-world deployments. Functionality that goes beyond the standards. Get the full details of our Wi-Fi Calling solution.

Interaction with Apple iOS VoWiFi / VoLTE entitlement servers

One example is our 3GPP AAA Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi Calling™, where we interact with iOS entitlement servers for onboarding individual iPhone devices to the VoLTE and VoWiFi services.

This process adds an additional authorization and security mechanism on top of what is specified in the 3GPP standards. Without the entitlement process in place, all SIM-enabled iOS devices would be allowed access to the VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling services, something that many times are not desired. It also brings additional benefits for the mobile operator such as end-user acceptance of terms and conditions (EULA), emergency address registration, and service activation for secondary devices associated with the subscriber’s mobile account.

This functionality is already in action with a North American tier 1 operator.

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