Wireless ISP

Time to switch to a next-generation hotspot system?

Feeling trapped?

  • Limited support for the business model you want to use?
  • Supporting the service takes all your time, no time left to take it to the next level?

You are not alone!

Being the leader in our field since 2001 with more than 100 carrier-class Wi-Fi deployments in 65 countries, we have learned a great deal about the requirements for a next-generation service management solution for service providers running wireless hotspots.

In recent years, we have replaced a large number of legacy systems with our state-of-the-art next-generation solution, the Aptilo Service Management Platform™.

Which category are you?

In this replacement process of existing systems, we have seen that the wireless Internet service providers (WISP) approaching us can be divided into three distinct categories.


These service providers have built each hotspot site as a separate entity often with very limited central control. They have grown their hotspot network by just adding another appliance at each new site.

"Thanks to the centralized architecture of the Aptilo platform, new hotspots  and services can be introduced quickly, which radically reduces the time  required for a new wireless zone to become profitable." Anjali Bhatnagar, Nordic product manager for wireless networks, Telenor

Some of the challenges these wireless Internet service providers face include:

  • No central overview of the services at the different sites.
  • Updates need to be repeated manually at all sites.
  • Only growth in number of sites, but not in technology height.
  • Solution does not scale well with more usage at individual sites.
  • Want to change the back-end, but are stuck with current access gateways.

First-generation Wi-Fi hotspot system

These service providers were early out in deploying Wi-Fi hotspots. Now they are stuck with a first-generation system that has become an obstacle for further development of their Wi-Fi service.

"Operational stability, scalability and rich functionality were important factors when we decided to choose Aptilo´s system."  Dr Mohamed b. Awang Lah, CEO of JARINGSome of the challenges these wireless Internet service providers face include:

  • Existing system does not support the business models they want.
  • Supporting the service takes time, limited time left to take it to the next level.
  • The system does not scale well with the increasing demand.
  • Only growth in number of sites not in technology height.
  • Lack of support for modern authentication and payment methods such as SMS.
  • Limited support for roaming with operators and aggregators.


These service providers have multiple, different hotspot systems due to acquisitions of competitors. They need to improve operational efficiency by consolidating all operation to one common back-end.

"Once we standardized our platform on Aptilo’s solution, expanding our  network to include more sites and more facilities has become a simple  process." Daniel Gray, Head of Marketing, Spectrum InteractiveSome of the challenges these wireless Internet service providers face include:

  • Have several different Wi-Fi hotspot systems, none working really well.
  • Supporting the services takes the majority of time, no time left to take it to the next level.
  • Only growth in number of sites not in technology height.
  • Competence on some hotspot systems is draining, it’s a ticking time bomb.
  • Lack of unified central control makes roll-outs of sites and services slow.

Go carrier-class with Aptilo

In order to make your Wi-Fi footprint attractive to customers and roaming partners – such as mobile operators looking for partners to handle mobile data offloading – you must make sure that you can deliver a carrier-class Wi-Fi service.

Aptilo Service Management Platform will help you to overcome all of the challenges mentioned above and more:

  • Central control – local branding of Web portals
  • Automatic remote provisioning of new Aptilo Access Controllers™
  • Constantly benefit of new developments derived from our many deployments
  • Taking the scalability issue out of the equation
  • Freedom to choose radio and gateway vendors, interoperability secured with our Wi-Fi partners and gateway partners.
  • Pre-enabled roaming interfaces with many operators as well as with leading roaming aggregators
  • Unprecedented account flexibility, with hierarchical accounts and a multitude of business models and payment options
  • Advanced integration made easy with Aptilo ServiceGlue™
  • Knowledge and features for integration with mobile core for mobile data offloading

Looking for a cost-effective solution? Why not try Aptilo’s cloud-based service the Aptilo Managed Service™, it doesn’t get more cost-effective than that. At a later stage you can optionally move to your own operation in-house buying traditional software licenses for the Aptilo Service Management Platform™.